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The Best of Mattel's SDCC WWE Reveals

This year's San Diego Comic Con is happening this weekend, and with it comes a new line of WWE action figures to be released by the company's official toy partner, Mattel.

There's a lot of new figures coming out in this year's line, so we here at the Smark Henry offices whittled down the best of the best from this new bunch, which are actually pretty damn interesting.

Check them out:

Trivia: did you know that Hulk Hogan has never had a Mattel action figure? This is apparently his first one, sporting the classic WWF Championship belt from the '80s.

This action figure right here is what Han Solo would look like if he aged inside the carbonite and suddenly walked out.

Just kidding. It's a sneak peak of the first-ever Sami Zayn action figure, shown here as a colorless prototype. We can't wait to see how that one turns out!

Have you ever wondered what the love child between the Miz and Tyson Kidd would look like?

This new Sin Cara (advertised as having "updated body ink," lololol) in Lakers purple looks dope, but it sure as hell is outdated. Wish we could have gotten a Lucha Dragons release with Kalisto.

Wait, hold up, we spoke too soon:

Hoping for a similar purple color, if not a black, gold, or a blue-based colorway!

Here's the Usos Battle Pack, complete with crutches so you can realistically play through Jey Uso's unfortunate foot injury. Unfortunately, this doesn't come with a commentator headset accessory for Jimmy.

Daniel Bryan and Triple H are getting updated figures in this particular Battle Pack, with Bryan looking even more like Wrestling Jesus now and Hunter finally getting a Corporate H figure. Included is a pair of handcuffs so you can live out your sickest 50 Shades of H you could only flesh out in your most bizarre Bryan/H fanfics.

Our favorite NXT Superstars are getting figures too! While these are just early-stage renders, they're looking mighty fine. We're getting both Demon Finn and Finn the Human, it seems!

Of course, we can't leave out the rest of the NXT five. I feel like Owens was planning to start powerbombing people at the Mattel offices if he wasn't given an action figure.

This Shang Tsung Hideo Itami action figure is looking mighty fine. We're hoping it also comes with the standard-issue Cobra Kai Dojo gi/robe that Itami wears to the ring.

The ladies are not to be outdone as well: here's Charlotte's first-ever action figure!

Props to Mattel for making the Bella Twins anatomically correct! Not quite digging the sea green colorway, though. Why not make them in traditional Bella red?

Here's Bayley, determined to make sure you never get a wink of sleep forever. I'M A HUGGER! *wicked smile*

And last but not the least, straight from your Power Rangers team-up fantasies. Needless to say, THIS IS THE MOST GLORIOUS FIGURE IN THIS LINE.

All jokes aside, for the full list of action figures revealed in SDCC (there are so many of them), check out the images at and Ringside Collectibles. We're not kidding. It all looks so awesome. We wish we could get them all.

Photos from WWE and Ringside Collectibles

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