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The Grapevine (7/1/15): Cesaro Censored, New Lucha Underground Trademarks

Good morning, everyone! It's your daily Grapevine, and for those who need to catch up, here's today's round-up of the (technically unconfirmed) dirt and rumors from the cartoon world of pro wrestling that you may have missed from the day before.

The storm after Slammiversary has subsided somewhat.

  • John Cena vs. Cesaro was censored in one spot. You may have noticed that the screen went black really quickly during the match, and it was because Cesaro gave Cena the Austin treatment, for some reason. You can see the full spot here: (Source: Sean Ross Sapp, WrestlingInc)

We say: While we will not argue the wisdom of blacking the screen out instead of just cutting to a different camera angle (like they do in Studio 23 broadcasts here whenever someone bashes his opponent with a steel chair), Cesaro—who is technically supposed to be a face— and his behavior baffles us more. Why would a good guy be flipping John the bird?

  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated announced this week that they are no longer recognizing the TNA World Heavyweight Championship as a world title. Only the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is recognized as such now.

We say: That's harsh, but at the same time, after everything that's gone down for TNA in the past week, this no longer surprises us. At the end of the day, however, if I were Dixie Carter, it shouldn't really matter what a third party thinks, PWI or not.

  • For what it's worth, Lucha Underground just applied to trademark the following: Monster Matanza Cueto, Gift of the Gods Belt, Gift of the Gods Match, Believers' Backlash Match, The Master, and Medallion Match.

We say: We know some of these things—Matanza is Dario's caged brother (who ate Bael), the Medallion Match is obviously a match for one of Dario's medallions. Meanwhile, without spoiling anything, we know that the Gift of the Gods championship is the prize all medallion holders compete for. We guess that a Believers' Backlash Match might be the Lucha Underground version of a Lumberjack Match. We hope Lucha Underground never gets cancelled.

What do you think of all this? Let us know in the comments!

Photo from WWE


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