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The Grapevine (7/2/15): Superstar Billy Graham Wants To Teach At The Performance Center

Good morning, everyone! It's your daily Grapevine, and for those who need to catch up, here's today's round-up of the (technically unconfirmed) dirt and rumors from the cartoon world of pro wrestling that you may have missed from the day before.

Interesting things have happened over the past 24 hours, so let's get to it:

  • "Superstar" Billy Graham wants Dusty Rhodes's old Performance Center position of overseeing promo class. According to the legend, he has contacted Vince McMahon but has not heard back from him. "It should be obvious that I am qualified for this NXT position of coaching the younger talent about how to to do promos and communicate with the worldwide WWE TV wrestling audience," Graham said on a Facebook post. "Also, I am not so stupid that I would try to teach them how to be charismatic to the level of a Dusty Rhodes or myself, one is born with that level of charisma, but a young wrestler can be taught to be more confident in their delivery and bring out their full potential in this area." He also mentions that he's in very good health, just in case you're wondering.

We say: We definitely don't mind Billy Graham working in NXT, but that depends on whether the McMahons—who he's been in some conflict with over recent years—will have him. As we all know, Vince doesn't really care about personal spats as long as everyone moves on.

  • Speaking of Vince, he's already decided on the top six matches on WrestleMania Star. John Cena already has an opponent, but there are no details on who it is yet. Sting vs. the Undertaker is apparently not happening, as Vince doesn't like the idea, but there are other plans for the Vigilante. Most notable is the idea of doing The Rock and Ronda Rousey vs. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon—but that would obviously require a lot of business for Dana White to do in order to get it together. If it doesn't happen, they're looking at Rock vs. Triple H. (Source: WON)

We say: Rock vs. Triple H would be huge, but let's hope that that's the only Attitude Era throwback on the card.

  • The morale in the TNA locker room is reportedly at an all-time low. A lot of people were swerved by Jeff Jarrett's return, especially that no one working in TNA knew about it, it happened on a taped show, and Dixie was happy the word got out on Twitter. (Source: WON)

We say: Needless to say, Dixie needs to get her priorities right. We get that these surprises happen sometimes, but the Jarretts are the strangest people to surprise your locker room with, considering what he's up to now and his relationship with one of your biggest guys.

  • In today's saddest news, Stardust vs. Stephen Amell has reportedly been scrapped. As you'll all remember, the WWE teased a confrontation between the two in the Long Island episode of RAW. This may have something to do with Dusty's passing. (Source: WON)

We say: Hey, we get it. Cody might not have the time and be in the right frame of mind to work and train with Stephen Amell. It's sad that this can't happen now, but that doesn't mean it can't ever happen. We'll just cross our fingers.

What do you think? Should the Superstar be teaching kids how to promo? What do you want to see on WrestleMania 32? Let us know in the comments!

Photo from WhatCulture


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