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The Miz Announced As Hulk Hogan's Replacement

Forget the Tiger Slam, forget the Serena Slam, now we've got the Miz Slam.

With the WWE announcing that the Miz will be replacing Hulk Hogan as a Tough Enough judge, the King of Awesome has accomplished a one-of-a-kind career trifecta.

He is now the first (and only!) Superstar to have been a Tough Enough contestant...

An NXT mentor to some B+ American Dragon jabroni...

And a Tough Enough judge.

According to reports, this could be a rotating deal, with various judges slotting in and out of that third seat, but we don't mind. For all the irrelevance the Miz may have fallen into in recent months, he's a solid top-five Superstar in presence, promo skills, and charisma, with a WWE Championship reign and a WrestleMania main event to his name. There was a time when his self-proclaimed nickname of the "Most Must-See Superstar" was well-deserved and we're curious to see the value he can add to one of the WWE's more mainstream properties today.

This is actually a great move on the part of the people behind Tough Enough, since Miz has been excelling in his stint as the host of Tough Talk, the Tough Enough post-show. As a host, he's been more engaging and entertaining than Chris Jericho, especially with how he's let his personality shine through.

As recently as last week on Tough Talk, he got into a heated verbal exchange with Hulk Hogan over Patrick's elimination, arguing that Patrick's attitude should not have been enough to warrant his elimination. Despite Hogan arguing the same points he brought up on Tough Enough, Miz got the better of the exchange as you can see in the full episode of Tough Talk below:

We're sure this is going to be...

(wait for it)


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