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The Reason Why Cody Rhodes Is Still Stardust

We know there are some of you readers here who would have preferred that Cody Rhodes return to being Cody Rhodes to honor the passing of his father Dusty. Ro has already made the case as to why that's not a good idea, and the man who plays Stardust seems to agree, returning to RAW last week as the bizarre spaceman from the 5th Dimension.

While Cody's wife Brandi, whom you know better as Eden Stiles, already posted a blog entry last week addressing rude fans who demanded Cody drop Stardust, the man himself has taken to his wife's blog to speak out on why he needed to do it.

You can read the post here and get your feels ready when he calls Dusty the Batman of their family, but we want to show you the most pertinent part: the reason why he decided to continue being Stardust.

A few days after we lost you, I was tasked with the unfortunate duty of going through your cellphone to find various numbers, so that we could invite them to the service. And there it was…
Your lock-screen.
It was a picture.
It was Stardust in a heated stare-down with The CW’S most valuable player Stephen “The Green Arrow” Amell.
“…finish what you start Kid…”
And thats why I sent you know who Monday. And I’m sure when he drew that first line of paint down his face, his throat rised and his eyes might of watered a bit. Leave it all out in the ring, my gift to you. And I know the man who secretly wanted to pit himself against Joe Frazier after Starrcade 84’ would get a real kick out of this.
So Dad, I hope you like what happens next, and…I hope the fans do too. Like Paul told you, they’re not marks…they’re customers. You said about them in 1978 (after you took those rose-tinted shades off to let them know you were serious…I know you) “making you happy, makes my dreams fulfilled.”

There you go, everyone. Even Dusty wants Stardust/Arrow to happen.

And to give you an idea of what's coming, Cody left this at the end of his open letter:

Take the coming month or so as my gift to him.  

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