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#ThrowbackThursday: The Curious Case of Kevin Nash's Left Quad

So Kevin Nash tearing his quad has been one of the Internet's favorite snarky jokes for over a decade now, spawning more memes than 1D.

Heck, even Chris Jericho gives him grief about in once in a while.

But what's the story behind the joke? We're glad you asked (of course you did), because it's #ThrowbackThursday here at the Smark Henry offices, not to mention the thirteenth anniversary of the birth of this infamous meme.

Kevin Nash had just been hired back to the WWE as part of the nWo in a storyline where Vince McMahon was so upset over Ric Flair being a (kayfabe) part-owner of the 'E, he would rather just destroy the whole organization than see it operate under the Nature Boy.

Unfortunately, Nash almost immediately suffered a torn bicep within a month of his return, and had been out of action for a few weeks to rehab the injury, robbing the nWo of one its most important forces. Imagine how good he must have felt then when he redebuted in a 10-man tag match on the July 8, 2002 edition of RAW.

Nash had just used HEEL SHENANIGANS! to interrupt Booker T's house-on-fire spot, and tagged himself into the match to dish out some Diesel-powered pain.

In the next 45 seconds however, an immortal meme was born. Watch and see.

People laugh over this moment because of how Nash literally crumbled to the mat howling like a girly-man mid-step as he strode over to Booker T's partners to get in their grill, making him look like a fragile, injury-prone toothpick. What people tend to ignore are the warning signs in the 20 seconds prior to Nash stepping into the fight.

  • Notice how after Nash entered the ring via his trademark over-the-top-rope step, he immediately grabs his left quad—the same one that would be torn mere seconds later—and appears to give it a quick squeeze, suggesting perhaps it had knotted up on him.

  • Observe the torque on his left knee as he pivots on it after Booker ducks his clothesline attempt, forcing him to quickly spin 180-degrees and quickly replant his footing on the move to blast Booker with a big boot, instead of having time to safely plant before kicking.

  • Note how Nash's left leg looks distinctly wobbly immediately after nailing the big boot and stepping over Booker to get to his teammates. This is most likely when the injury occurred, and not when he was walking over to the opposite corner.

Hey, it's still funny how Nash was supposed to be a red-hot top star the moment he returned in an Invasion 2.0 angle, only to go down with two major injuries within months of his debut. But when people laugh over Big Sexy over having bubblegum quads, point them over to this site and tell them, hey, #BeAStar and watch everything that happened before he walked on over and tore his quad.

And if that doesn't convince them, don't forget you can catch Kevin Nash in full stripperrific action co-starring with Channing Tatum in Magic Mike XXL, coming very soon to a theater near you!

We promise, no quads were torn in the making of this movie.

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