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#WTFWednesday: Entering in Style

When wrestling-style entrances bleed over into other things, we notice. Sometimes they're forgettable, half-assed attempts that become the butt of internet jokes. Other times, they're actually pretty good. Take this, for example:

What's amazing is how Kenneth Bradley, or K-Brad, was on point the entire time. His walk down the ramp (why the hell do gaming tournaments have a ramp, anyway?) was a very good imitation of how the Texas Rattlesnake would come out on RAW. He even climbed up the corners (okay, he just stood on a chair) and got a couple of beers, much in the same way Austin would. I did not expect that he would give a Stunner to the announcer, but that just makes it all the more awesome. It's a great throwback to how Austin coming out to the ring usually mean that something good was going to happen. That those commentators played it up exactly how Jim Ross would is just icing on the cake, and all in all you have a pretty entertaining way to spend your two minutes.

So here's a challenge to all of you: next time you make an entrance, do it wrestling-style. Presenting to the big bosses at work? Barge into the room to Bo Dallas' theme, uniting everyone in a belief of corporate success. About to walk down an aisle, with the love of your life waiting at the end? Go preempt the priest by YES!-ing your way down that aisle, with Daniel Bryan's theme playing in the background.

Because even if people don't get it, hey, at least you're having fun, Maggle.

Photo taken from SBNation


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