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WWE RAW Results (7/27/15)

No Brock Lesnar, no Undertaker, but RAW this Monday was a night of oddball yet interesting matches: Cena vs Rollins for the US Title, Orton vs Owens, and even Ambrose vs Big Show. Plus, the Divas Revolution continues, and Lana sticks it to Rusev and Summer Rae!

WWE head honchos Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, plus WWE World Champion Seth Rollins were in the ring to kick off RAW. The power duo announced Big Show vs Dean Ambrose, Paige vs Sasha Banks, and Kevin Owens vs Randy Orton.

Rollins then ran his mouth, which prompted US Champion John Cena to emerge and challenge Rollins to a fight yet again, for the WWE World Title. HHH, instead, set Cena vs Rollins for the US Title later that night.

1. The Big Show defeated Dean Ambrose via count-out after a Knockout Punch
- After the match, Big Show attempted to spear Ambrose through the ring barricade, but Ambrose side-stepped and Show hit the barrier instead!

2. Neville def. Fandango via the Red Arrow
- After the match, Stardust taunted Neville on the TitanTron

Backstage, Team B.A.D. and Team Paige had a confrontation.

3. NXT Women's Champion Sasha Banks (w/ Tamina and Naomi) def. Paige (w/ Charlotte and Becky Lynch) via the Bank Statement submission

After an interview with Rollins, and the WWE 2K16 announcement of Arnold Schwarzenegger as a playable character, Rusev and Summer Rae headed to the ring.

Rusev brought "gifts" to Summer: a thin dog he named "Dolph Ziggler" and a headless dead fish he named "Lana." The real Lana then came out to slap some sense out of Rusev and Summer Rae!

4. The Lucha Dragons (Sin Cara and Kalisto) def. Los Matadores (Diego and Fernando, w/ El Torito)

In the ring, Luke Harper formalized his reunion with Bray Wyatt. Wyatt then issued a warning to Roman Reigns, and suggested that Reigns tell Dean Ambrose to walk away from the Wyatt Family vs Reigns battle, or else!

5. Charlotte and Becky Lynch def. Alicia Fox and Divas Champion Nikki Bella
- Lynch forced Fox to submit to the Disarm-Her submission

6. Randy Orton def. Kevin Owens via DQ
- Sheamus ran interference by giving Orton a Brogue Kick, causing the DQ
- After the match, Sheamus continued to beat Orton down until Cesaro made the save. Cesaro also went for Owens, but he received a pop-up powerbomb from the ex-NXT Champ.

Backstage, Renee Young interviewed Cena.

7. United States Championship: John Cena def. WWE World Champion Seth Rollins via the STF submission to retain his title
- Cena's nose was broken during the match

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