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WWE RAW Results (7/6/15)

Once again, WWE World Champion Seth Rollins was out to prove that he was the man, and that he could take on Brock Lesnar. Will he succeed, or will Lesnar show time and again that he is The Beast?

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman kicked off RAW with a warning to WWE World Champion Seth Rollins: that Lesnar – the "Nightmare of Suplex City" and the "God of Violent Retribution", proclaimed Heyman – will be lurking around, looking to start with the beatings and suplexes even before their Battleground face-off in 2 weeks!

1. The Big Show defeated Intercontinental Champion Ryback via DQ in a non-title match
- The Miz, who was on commentary, ran interference once more, causing the DQ
- After the match, Big Show and Ryback took care of Miz, then Ryback laid Big Show out!

2. Brie Bella (w/ Alicia Fox and Divas Champion Nikki Bella) def. Paige via a Bella Buster

3. Sheamus def. Roman Reigns via count-out
- An impostor "Bray Wyatt" came down to distract Reigns, causing the count-out
- After the match, Randy Orton emerged and hit an RKO on Sheamus

Backstage, Rollins asked for advice from WWE COO and The Authority head honcho Triple H on dealing with Lesnar. In the end, Rollins said that he would call out Brock to show why he's the man.

Then, in the ring, the Rusev-Summer Rae vs Dolph Ziggler-Lana saga continued. This time, it was Rusev gaining the upper hand, as he beat up Ziggler with his crutch.

4. Dean Ambrose def. Bo Dallas via a Dirty Deeds

5. King Barrett def. R-Truth via a Bullhammer

After the break, WWE World Champ Seth Rollins and J&J Security, with axe handles on hand, arrived in their Cadillac and called out Brock Lesnar. The Beast responded, bringing axes of his own, but set his sights on the Cadillac first! Lesnar then started destroying the car with the axe!

Rollins and J&J went for Lesnar, but J&J were fed to Lesnar and thrown on the Cadillac. The challenger then chased Rollins, who escaped through the crowd. Lesnar stood tall in the ring with the WWE World Title!

6. The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Big E, with Xavier Woods) def. The Lucha Dragons (Sin Cara and Kalisto)
- Kingston pinned Sin Cara
- The WWE Tag Team Champions The Prime Time Players were on commentary

After the break, US Champion John Cena headed to the ring for another Open Challenge. The now-former NXT Champion Kevin Owens came out and looked to face Cena for the title, but Cesaro emerged from backstage and begged to differ.

After being robbed of his chance last week, no thanks to Owens, Cesaro confronted Owens and told him to leave the ring, or else he would be Owens' new problem. Owens was smart enough to leave, and the US Title rematch is on!

7. United States Title Open Challenge: John Cena def. Cesaro via an Attitude Adjustment to retain his title
- After the match, Owens attacked Cena... but the champ countered a pop-up powerbomb with an AA! Owens was floored, Cena raised his title, and RAW came to a close.


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