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Just Announced: The Main Event for PWR Renaissance

If you've been glued to the official PWR Facebook page the way we have over the last two weeks, you'd have known that PWR will be returning to action less than four weeks from now at PWR Renaissance, happening September 26, 2015.

There may certainly be several remaining loose ends from PWR Livedemanding resolution in the coming months, but the biggest thing weighing on the collective minds of the Revo-nation is the contendership scene for the PWR Championship, currently held by "Classical" Bryan Leo.

Fans will recall that the Classical One had successfully defended his championship against the spirited challenge of former champion "The Senyorito" Jake De Leon, only for both he and his fallen rival to by waylaid by a brutal sneak attack by the masked menace known as The Apocalypse. The enigmatic destroyer assaulted both men with repeated Death Bell slams—his feared finishing move—and staking his claim to the richest prize in the Philippine wrestling industr…

[CONTEST] Who Won The Beki Championship?

Good morning, afternoon, and evening, mga madlang people! 
A few weeks back, we held our first ever Smark Henry promo asking all you fans out there to unleash your inner Diva and answer one simple challenge:

Frankly, we were surprised by the number of entries we received. Hindi lang pala puro basagulero ang nanonood ng wrestling. Sa lahat ng mga sumali, kayo po ang mga Gloria Diaz ng aming mga puso. I swear, kumapal ang buhok namin sa inyo. 

We've finally finished sifting through all the entries at handa na kaming i-award ang korona, sash, at matching takong sa naging Miss Universe sa contest na ito.  But first! The runners-up! 
Some of the entries, like this one from the fabulous Ron Evangelista, made us giggle with their sheer simplicity. Yesterday indeed!

While entries like this one from George Carlos Pastor had us wondering what can of worms we'd opened up. We almost dug it, suckaaaaaaaaa! 

Clearly, some fans like the amazing Vince Hugo Villena, put a ton of research into…

#IndieWeekend: The Young Bucks vs. Jim Cornette

Welcome once again to #IndieWeekend, where we feature wrestlers, promotions and matches beyond your usual mainstream dose. This week, we cover one of the big rivalries happening right now—Jim Cornette and the Young Bucks.

Where Did it All Begin?

To look at how this all started, we go back to January 4, 2015, when NJPW held its annual Wrestle Kingdom show, the Japanese equivalent of WrestleMania. The opening match featured reDRagon defending the IWGP Jr. Tag Team Championship against three other teams, the Young Bucks among them. Following the match, Jim Cornette took to his podcast to address his thoughts on Wrestle Kingdom 9, as well as the Bucks' match:

"Their match, it was a four-team/eight-man match to open the Wrestle Kingdom show, to give the United States fans that are watching, at least from my perspective, the first look in English language at this great promotion, but nobody really is going to know who any of these guys are except for the hardcores that are going to b…

Heavy Impact (8/26/15): Championship Struggles

Hello, folks! Marie here and I am ready to dish out this week’s Impact Wrestling review!

Tonight’s show is once again a special episode, where we see three championships defended in the card: the Knockouts championship, the X-Division championship, and the Tag Team championship.

But first, we start with the Hardys.

Hardy Boyz promo

After apologizing for breaking his leg, Jeff Hardy once again sells the idea of #matt4champ to the TNA crowd. EC3 (with the quiet Tyrus by his side) interrupts the brothers, saying that while he was a fan of the Hardy Boyz back in the 1990s, he couldn’t be more disappointed now that he got to share the ring with them. The best burn of the night was when he described the brothers as a “groveller and a gimp,” and that Jeff Hardy is just a daredevil who couldn’t stick a landing (makes me laugh out loud even after watching the episode).

After much toying with the Hardys, EC3 granted Matt a rematch for next week, with the stipulation that if he loses, Jeff Hardy…

Word on the Rings (8/28/15): Hayabusa Walks

In a most poignant moment, Hayabusa walks again: this time, to a wrestling ring. What does this mean for one of professional wrestling's greatest in-ring performers? 

In Japanese mythology, the phoenix is called the "Ho-oh." It is a rare bird that roosts above the torii (the gate that marks the boundaries of the sacred and the profane). Legend has it that the Ho-oh appears only when the a virtuous ruler is born, and like every phoenix myth in the world, rises from its own ashes.

For many wrestling fans around the world, that Japanese phoenix is represented by Eiji Ezaki: musician, actor, and the wrestling legend known as Hayabusa.

On August 5, 2015, Hayabusa walked again to a wrestling ring. Wearing his signature mask, the death-defying legend rose from his wheelchair, and with the aid of his cane, took his slow steps into the ring. The crowd clapped, cheering the name of a legend who once flew through the air with acrobatics yet to be seen from the time, and some of us …

Basic Smarkometrics (8/28/15): The Ultimate PWR Power Rankings

It's been nearly a year since the Philippine Wrestling Revolution was formally born, and in the five shows we've seen, we here at the Smark Henry offices think it's high time we get an answer to the question that's been bugging PWR fans since day one:

Who is the best wrestler in the Philippines today?

We love wrestling and we love numbers, so today, we'll be going through our proprietary Smarkometrics Handicapping Iterative Technique (SHIT) to answer once and for all who the real king of Philippine wrestling is.

Winning Isn't Everything

In the wild and wooly world of professional wrestling, we understand that win-loss records don't necessarily mean a whole lot. But they can be a useful starting point to getting a good discussion rolling. We asked Buezzy, the Smark Henry House Elf, to sift through the box scores over the last year and assemble a comprehensive list of the winning percentages among today's active roster, regardless of whether wins or losses…

The Grapevine (8/28/15): This Week's Semi-Regular NXT Signings Update

Good morning, everyone! Welcome to the Grapevine, where we round up the (technically unconfirmed) rumors from the wild world of pro wrestling that you may have missed over the weekend.

The post-SummerSlam weekend bits continue this week:

It's now confirmed that KANA has signed with the WWE. Dave Meltzer has affirmed that the joshi star had signed with the company two weeks ago. (Source: WON, WrestlingInc)
We say: KANA, from REINA Joshi Puroresu might be the biggest signing for NXT since Sara Del Rey was brought in as a coach. She's known as the girl who beat our girl Syuri for the REINA World Women's Championship. This should be great (and we pray for all the Divas down at Full Sail).

And speaking of Performance Center coaches, Sarah Stock (formerly known as Sarita from TNA) might be headed to the WWE. She announced that she was leaving CMLL, finishing up with the company on September 18. She said that new opportunities have opened up for her. Stock was seen down at Orlando …

#ThrowbackThursday: The Great Khali's Greatest Hits

On this day, August 27th, over four decades ago, a great man was born. He would touch lives, bringing joy to the people whose lives would intersect with his. He came to America, where he became a huge pop culture phenomenon and a recognized television star, establishing his name and reputation as a shining light of hope and inspiration in his field.

That man was the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan.

But hey, it's the Great Khali's birthday too! He was aight, we guess.

We can't throw him a real Punjabi Party, but in honor of our favorite Indian wrestler standing at least seven feet tall, and the only man from the great continent to wear World Championship gold in the WWE, we've assembled a quick rundown of some of his greatest hits.

Remember that time he won a 20-man battle royal to become World Heavyweight Champion?

Or that time he squashed the Undertaker in ways Brock Lesnar could only dream of doing?

Or that time he demolished then-reigning World Champion Rey Mysterio li…