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[CONTEST] Bekify Your Favorite Wrestler's Catchphrase

Here at the Smark Henry offices, we're huge fans of today's more open, permissive times when it comes to the expression of one's gender orientation.

Heck, the third most-followed Philippine celebrity on Twitter today is a gay man, with over five and a half million followers to date. Meanwhile, thanks to recent political events, we're even seeing "beki speak" being used in official statements being released from the highest offices in our land.

And so, in this one-time-only edition of the Beksus (our more colorful, fabulous version of our regular Nexus columns) we got to wondering how today's greatest WWE Superstars would sound if their greatest catchphrases got reinvented into beki—a transbektion, if you will.

Warla daw, spluk ni KO.

Jombagan na daw, sabi ni Brock.

Fruity Pebbles ba friend?

Crayola Khomeni pa rin tayelz kay Dusty Rhodes.

Ganda lang ang puhunan ni Miz.

Kabog tayong lahat kay Papa Steve.

At mukhang napalunok ng bato si The Rock.

So all in good fun, we're throwing our first ever Smark Henry contest on this very on-trend topic:

And to get the creative juices flowing, Debbie Gibson kami ng bonggang-bonggang premyo sa pinaka-magpapaneuro sa amin.


O, mga Fanny Serrano, wiz shulupi dito sa Smark Henry ha? Klapeypey naman dyan.

This contest is open to anyone, and we do mean anyone. Hey, if Darren Young can rock this belt, so can you. It is 2015 after all.

So what are you waiting for, fellow smarks? Leave us your bekified lines in the comments below, and we'll choose a winner by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, August 14. And remember—keep things respectful and civilized, fellas. Hindi pa tayo handa magpajombag kay Brock. 

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