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[CONTEST] Who Won The Beki Championship?

Good morning, afternoon, and evening, mga madlang people! 

A few weeks back, we held our first ever Smark Henry promo asking all you fans out there to unleash your inner Diva and answer one simple challenge:

Frankly, we were surprised by the number of entries we received. Hindi lang pala puro basagulero ang nanonood ng wrestling. Sa lahat ng mga sumali, kayo po ang mga Gloria Diaz ng aming mga puso. I swear, kumapal ang buhok namin sa inyo. 

We've finally finished sifting through all the entries at handa na kaming i-award ang korona, sash, at matching takong sa naging Miss Universe sa contest na ito.  But first! The runners-up! 

Some of the entries, like this one from the fabulous Ron Evangelista, made us giggle with their sheer simplicity. Yesterday indeed!

While entries like this one from George Carlos Pastor had us wondering what can of worms we'd opened up. We almost dug it, suckaaaaaaaaa! 

Clearly, some fans like the amazing Vince Hugo Villena, put a ton of research into their entries. We seriously had to hire an interpreter to get through this one, but you nearly had us with "bonggacious Meralco wafu in sports entertainment pa more."

We're glad as well for fans like Krysnosis, who showed us that there's always a time to honor our favorite fallen heroes. Edi wow! 

Entries like this one from Enzo Tanos made us realize that perhaps we should just close down shop and move over to

But at the end of the day, there can only be one winner. Sorry mga beks, hanggang Best in Swimsuit lang kayo. #WWWYKI

A huge, wet, sloppy kiss (sabay hug) goes out to JanMakie Gaerlan for making us laugh the hardest, and also for scaring us slightly with this terrifying thought. 

Lafang pa more, sis! Congratulations Mr. Gaerlan! Kamukha nyo na po si Miss Colombia. Wala po kaming tiara, pero sa inyo po ang grand prize na WWE Divas Championship Belt worth $25 sa WWE Shop.

From all of us here at the Smark Henry offices, thanks to everyone who joined this little contest, and for keeping it (mostly) respectful.

What did you think of the winning entry? Could you have done better? Leave us your parting suggestions in the comments below. 

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