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Don't Try This At Home: Stephen Amell Injured While Training For SummerSlam

It seems like the only person more excited than us fans about Stephen Amell from Arrow competing at SummerSlam next week is Amell himself.

He's even been practicing top rope moves (or at least how to stand on the top rope and do cool Arrow type superhero poses), if his personal Facebook account is any indication.

Enthusiasm is always nice, especially in guest performers who are getting a "Big Four" PPV slot ahead of regular talents, but sometimes a dude just needs to take a chill pill. 

Amell just posted a video updating fans on a self-inflicted injury he suffered while lifting weights in preparation for the show.

You can see the video here, but in case you're stuck on crappy third-world Internet, here's what Amell had to say:

"Facebook, hello. Super fired up this morning... I was training, I was doing a snatch-pull-curl... I don't know, with a bar. I snatched it so hard that it literally cracked me in the jaw. And both my molars, indented into my tongue. I'm okay. I'm just waiting for some ice at the moment. Ice it down, take the swelling of the tongue away. Hopefully get back to speaking in a more normal voice. I'm very excited to loop my lines on Arrow today, because I don't think I necessarily sound like me. Nothing like ringing your bell first thing in the morning."

Ol' Amellywood sounds like he's in chipper spirits, and this doesn't seem like it will disrupt the SummerSlam card in any way. 

We probably don't expect him to volunteer to take a Disaster Kick or a Bullhammer to the jaw in his tag match against Stardust and Bad News Barrett though, and that's all good. As the official man-crush here at the Smark Henry offices, Stephen Amell needs to stay pretty.

The moral of the story: Don't try this at home, kids. 

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