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#FinisherFriday: The PHX Spotlight

It's t-minus 1 day for PWR Live! And we here at Smark Henry are stoked for August 15!

With all the hype surrounding this new PWR show, everyone’s hot for the much-anticipated (re)match for the PWR Championship: “Classical” Bryan Leo vs. “Senyorito” Jake De Leon. Even the physical grudge match of Bombay Suarez and John Sebastian has some bitch lynchmobs buzzing. Heck, even the Beer Promdi challenges are worth looking out for!

Here at the Smark Henry boiler rooms, nothing pumps us up more than the 8-man tournament for the debuting PWR PHX Championship! There are many intriguing matches on the card, as we see some tag team specialists try their hand at first-time singles matches, and even a shot at redemption from some scorned wrestlers.

And as tradition goes with your weekly dose of hard-hitting moves and fancy holds, #FinisherFriday gives a quick forecast on who’s most likely to move on to the PHX tourney semis.


5. Miguel Rosales’s Castigo Brutal

Watch out for this suplex-crazy member of Fighters 4 Hire to go "Beast" mode on Mayhem Brannigan, with his take on Brock Lesnar's famed F5. The man may be famous for his all-around MMA skills, but nothing in his arsenal is quite as punishing as this brutal twisting slam.

4. Mayhem Brannigan’s Rock & Roll DDT

Mayhem doesn't give a damn about breaking your face. After seeing his undefeated streak snapped in a submission loss to "Classical" Bryan Leo last May, he's out for blood. Miguel Rosales should better be on the lookout for a devastating Rock & Roll DDT that just might send one more victim to the hospital with a concussion.


3. SANDATA’s Garrote

What do you get when you cross the carotid-squeezing deviousness of a cobra clutch with the torque and leverage of a camel clutch? SANDATA's deadly Garrote finisher, that's what. We don't know if Chris Panzer would ever tap out, but this move will stretch him to his limits.

2. Ralph Imabayashi’s Sonic Crusher

FROM OUTTA NOWHERE! The Fil-Japanese pocket rocket has made a habit of catching people off guard with his take on Randy Orton's RKO. Peter Versoza had better keep his eyes peeled. Imabayashi is always locked and loaded to snap some necks.

1. Ken Warren’s Wi-Fi

Time to connect with Ken Warren's trademark Winning Finish, otherwise known as Wi-Fi. This beautiful combination of a spinning backfist chained straight into a superkick to the back of the skull is The Social Media Sinister's guarantee that when it comes to Joey Bax, the subscriber cannot be reached.


What do you think? Will the Rock & Roll be enough for Mayhem Brannigan to elude Miguel Rosales? Will Ken Warren's Wi-Fi take him to a winning finish? Just let us know in the comments, and we'll see you tomorrow at PWR Live!


PWR Live will be on August 15, 2015 at the Makati Square Arena. Tickets will be available at the gate for P250, with the gates opening at 6 p.m. For inquiries, check out the official PWR Live Facebook Event Page.

All photos are by the fabulous Hub Pacheco.

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