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#FinisherFridays: The Different Stages of Dealing with Finales

Greetings and salutations fellow Smarks!

Welcome to another edition of your favorite(!) Nexus segment on fancy holds and hard-hitting moves on everyone's favorite day, #FinisherFridays!

As we bid adieu to another solid week in wrestling, we here at the Smark Henry boiler room are coming to you with your much awaited Friday payday with our wrestling wrap-up for the week! In typical wacky and witty fashion, we give you 5 of the top finishes from a brutally solid week in wrestling which covers great matches, glorious revivals, golden promos and some classic hanging goodbyes. #huhubelles


5. Redemption

Yup, gone are the days where our beloved European gentleman can only be found at the bottom of the ladder rungs. Cesaro's iron grip on the brass ring is finally paying off with his ongoing feud with the heelish Kevin Owens.

There may be some rough edges, but Cesaro's running with it and the Universe is loving it. He may not have nations or empires but he clearly has sections that are all for him.

Forget the natural way, go C-Section!
With the excellent ring work and few rough edges being smoothened out added with great booking, as with how the Miz TV segment ended, I'm sure we won't see the end of the Swiss Superman's run anytime soon. #crossingfingers

Cesaro's putting game on fleek!

4. The Hope Stage

For all the times WWE Creative has put us through agony over logic and common sense, there is one thing that they can never mess up: putting two great workers together to have an awesome match.

Can't use awesome without having you in mind. Tsk.

In another surprisingly good Raw, match and possibly moment of the night goes to the Rollins vs. Neville match for the WWE Heavyweight title to open Raw!

The Move That Everyone Else Can Do

With two of the best WWE workers today tangling in a match for the ages, there didn't need to be:

  1. An intriguing history - There was. Rollins was 1st NXT champ, Neville was the one who took it from him.
  2. Great body of work - The Architect has been the consistent mainstay on WWE programming for the past year, while Neville as the Man That Gravity Forgot, continues to pump away good matches since his main roster promotion.
  3. Good finishers - The smooth and suave Red Arrow vs. the brutal and swift Curb St-- oh, wait.

But heck, it was a pretty solid match, especially that moment when....

Neville might not have won the battle, or even be at least be part of the war, but we know that he is just waiting on the wings as a potential challenger to the title. #hopefully

3. Moving On Stage

"Cancel my reservations, I'm going out there." - Zack Ryder, saying farewell to the catering ladies.

Look I'm wrestling again!
He may have been jobbing out to false kings and bizarre enigmas, but this has been a pretty awesome week for the internet's favorite broski! Two great showings on the main shows, albeit short, has given the smarkiest of smarks a little something to cheer for this week. And with his current NXT run with Mojo Rawley, are we sensing a.... revival?

#HopeforHype? #PlsdontcrushourheartsVKM


2. Acceptance

You could probably reserve this for a certain phenomenal one, but the entirely of Austin Aries' 2nd TNA run is beyond compare.

A beloved heel until the very end, he is but one of five men who achieved the rare prestige of the Triple Crown, being able to hold all three major championships of TNA. I mean, hey #LOLTNA, but that is still a feat in its own right. Not to mention all his indy success in ROH. 

We say farewell, good friend. Although, where do you think he'll end up next?

But we're sure that no matter where it is, there would be no raging of the region from anyone.

1. The Next Chapter

If there was one match that could encapsulate fast and furious action, a dramatic plot twist and TV-friendly gore, it was the Pentagon Jr. vs Vampiro match that took the cake this week.

From the pimp pope to light bulb back scratchers to flaming tables, it was non-stop, heart pumping, hardcore action. But winning the cherry for this storyline, was the post-match reveal of Vampiro being the "Dark Master" behind the arm-collecting ninja skeleton.

Now that's creepy.

That season finale of Lucha Underground has left many questions unanswered, stories still untold, and wrestling that should be noted. This new chapter to the Pentagon Jr./Vampiro is one, but many, of the intriguing storylines to be followed.


Did we miss any awesome finishes for the week? Do you think we'll we ever see Austin Aries come to the dark side in the WWE? What are you looking forward to from LU?

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