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Here's The Very Last Piper's Pit

For those whose regular dosage of wrestling consists of only the WWE, you might know that the last edition of Piper's Pit happened in December last year, starring Rusev and Lana.

But ever since Piper ended his working relations with the company, he's been taking the segment to various indy promotions across America. So his last Piper's Pit, it turns out, happened just 13 days before he passed away last week in a company called Maryland Championship Wrestling.

In this last edition, he uses the Pit to host an angle with former WWE writer-turned-wrestling blogger Kevin Eck, who feels like the disastrous Piper's Pit before SummerSlam 2012 with Chris Jericho and Dolph Ziggler, where Piper refused to use the script Eck wrote for him, cost him his good graces with Vince McMahon. It's obviously an angle to set up a tag title match, but the feelings Eck hold about Roddy and the issue seem to be real. 

It isn't a thorough, exhaustive discussion on the pros and cons of creative writers in pro wrestling, but it does make a strong case for spontaneity and natural charisma, and paints a picture of the chaos that is producing WWE television.

Watch it here:

Photo from WWE

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