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Impact Wrestling Results (8/12/15) - GFW Invades TNA!

Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling (GFW) ran Impact Wrestling on Wednesday night!

Jeff Jarrett and Karen Angle kicked off Impact Wrestling, announcing their "takeover" of TNA for one night only. Eric Young then came out and got into Jarrett's face, demanding a shot at Jarrett's King of the Mountain Championship.

Jarrett set up a King of the Mountain Match for the title (apparently vacating it in the process) at the main event, with Young in it. Then, as Jarrett was leaving the ring, EY attacked him, prompting GFW stars then TNA stars to emerge and brawl in the Impact Zone!

After the break, the brawl was apparently over, and Jarrett rallied his troops to show the world what GFW is all about.

1. Awesome Kong [TNA] vs Lei D'Tapa [GFW] went to a double countout
- The fight spilled out of the ring, causing the DCO result

Backstage, PJ Black [GFW] and Drew Galloway [TNA] staked their claims to Jarrett's King of the Mountain Title.

Then, in the ring, Bobby Roode called out Rockstar Spud, who defeated and ended the career of Roode's tag partner Austin Aries last week.

Spud and Roode then exchanged punches, with Roode getting the upper hand. After that, Jarrett caught up with Roode backstage, but Roode said Jarrett's not his boss anymore.

2. Bobby Lashley [TNA] def. Jessie Godderz [TNA] via the Spear
- As a result, Lashley enters the King of the Mountain Match

Backstage, Drew Galloway was another victim of a mystery attacker backstage. Galloway would be replaced in the King of the Mountain Match.

Then, in the ring, TNA World Champion Ethan Carter III and Tyrus called out Matt Hardy, who lost to EC3 last week in a Ladder Match. EC3 said Matt Hardy would not have another title shot, then EC3 and Tyrus laid Hardy out!

3. TNA World Tag Team Championship: The Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards) [TNA] def. Brian Myers and Trevor Lee [GFW] to retain their titles

4. X Division Championship: Tigre Uno [TNA] def. Sonjay Dutt [GFW] via a sunset flip to retain his title

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett raised the stakes of the King of the Mountain Match and told TNA World Champion EC3 that the winner of that match will have a World Title shot next week!

Then, Ken Anderson challenged Bram to an "Open Mic Challenge" next week.

5. TNA King of the Mountain Championship: PJ Black [GFW] def. Eric Young, Bobby Lashley, Robbie E [all TNA], and Chris Mordetsky [GFW] to win the vacant title
- Robbie E was Galloway's replacement in this match

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