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#IndieWeekend: The Young Bucks vs. Jim Cornette

Welcome once again to #IndieWeekend, where we feature wrestlers, promotions and matches beyond your usual mainstream dose. This week, we cover one of the big rivalries happening right now—Jim Cornette and the Young Bucks.

Where Did it All Begin?

To look at how this all started, we go back to January 4, 2015, when NJPW held its annual Wrestle Kingdom show, the Japanese equivalent of WrestleMania. The opening match featured reDRagon defending the IWGP Jr. Tag Team Championship against three other teams, the Young Bucks among them. Following the match, Jim Cornette took to his podcast to address his thoughts on Wrestle Kingdom 9, as well as the Bucks' match:

"Their match, it was a four-team/eight-man match to open the Wrestle Kingdom show, to give the United States fans that are watching, at least from my perspective, the first look in English language at this great promotion, but nobody really is going to know who any of these guys are except for the hardcores that are going to be watching anyway. You couldn’t tell who was whose partner, nobody got over, it was a mess. They had to go out there in fifteen minutes; eight guys did every move they’d ever known and ever learned to each other; nobody registered it; you couldn’t tell who was on whose side; you couldn’t tell who was going to try to win this thing; it wasn’t even a tag match it was just a mess; and the Bucks also did this move to this guy where one picks him up like he’s going to give him a tombstone piledriver and the other one leaps to the top rope, leaps off the top rope, does a front forward somersault, grabs the guy’s legs, and they give him a spike piledriver. Boom! Cover him 1-2-somebody breaks up the pin, and they all continue the match and the Bucks didn’t even win. And so I made the comment that if somehow two guys had given that move to another guy on a show I was responsible for, and that guy left the arena under his own power, I would fire all three of them…I just gave an opinion; the Bucks got mad; I’m sorry, but it’s true and a lot of people in the business think so. It’s just that they look visually like small children, and they have to make up for it (they think) by doing all this devastating stuff, but the stuff isn’t devastating if you don’t beat people with it. Then you’re just going out there exposing the business because you can do a bunch of moves but you can’t ever actually whip somebody. It’s skewed thinking in my opinion.”

The Bucks then took to Twitter to respond to Cornette's criticism with some scathing comments of their own:

To which Cornette responded with another burn:

Ouch. As much as people rail on Cornette for his old, out of touch views (basically, he's an indie Vince McMahon), that comment has some truth to it (he goes on to clarify that school gyms and recreation centers do not count as "arenas"). Since then, they've been going at it on Twitter with each other, turning it into one of the most entertaining wrestling feuds outside of the ring.

In February of this year, Kevin Owens won his first championship in WWE, defeating rival Sami Zayn to win the NXT Championship. Cornette once criticized Owens telling him he couldn't "draw money", so naturally, this was the perfect opportunity for the Bucks to strike:

To which Cornette responded once more:

Clearly, Jim Cornette did not pay attention to WWE's merchandise sales indicating that Owens can actually draw money. The other person he's referring to in this Tweet is Sami Zayn, as Cornette once said that he had to lose the El Generico mask in order to succeed.

Later, the Young Bucks reveal the reason why they've been giving Cornette the middle finger:

So apparently, all this stems from issues the Bucks had when they started off with Cornette and ROH. They also namedrop Steen/Owens, El Generico and Colt Cabana as other guys who have had similar issues with Cornette. Later on, Cornette challenged the Young Bucks to a live debate:

Well, this actually hasn't happened yet, but that's probably because the Young Bucks prefer to settle rhings in the ring.

So Why is This Relevant Again?

Well, earlier this month the Young Bucks posted a video of a, uh, "fan altercation":

Naturally, guess who was available to say something about this? If you got a dime for every time you'd say "not Jim Cornette", you'd have ZERO DIMES:

So now you have Cornette taking on the Young Bucks and their fanbase. Man, this guy has no chill!

The Bucks, for their part, are coming up with retorts that are literally childish:


But wait, there's more. Here's an excerpt of some "insider information" that made the rounds this month, shedding some light on all of this going on between Cornette and the Young Bucks:

So, apparently, Cornette is turning all of this Young Bucks haterade into a gimmick, coming up with insanely exaggerated comments made at the tag teams' expense. However, the Bucks legitimately hate Cornette presumably for real-life issues that stem back from their time in ROH. That's some meta-level shit right there, folks.

It's a glorious mess of 140-character retorts, memes and superkick parties, and it's turned into one of the most entertaining feuds in wrestling today. We don't exactly know what's going on, but it's awesome, and is enough to keep us hooked on who's going to fire the next salvo in this war.

What do you guys think about Cornette and the Young Bucks? Do you believe that what Cornette is saying has some truth to it, or are you on the Young Bucks' side? Let us know in the comments section below!

Cover photo taken from WrestlingNews

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