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Just Announced: The Main Event for PWR Renaissance

If you've been glued to the official PWR Facebook page the way we have over the last two weeks, you'd have known that PWR will be returning to action less than four weeks from now at PWR Renaissance, happening September 26, 2015.

There may certainly be several remaining loose ends from PWR Live demanding resolution in the coming months, but the biggest thing weighing on the collective minds of the Revo-nation is the contendership scene for the PWR Championship, currently held by "Classical" Bryan Leo.

Fans will recall that the Classical One had successfully defended his championship against the spirited challenge of former champion "The Senyorito" Jake De Leon, only for both he and his fallen rival to by waylaid by a brutal sneak attack by the masked menace known as The Apocalypse. The enigmatic destroyer assaulted both men with repeated Death Bell slams—his feared finishing move—and staking his claim to the richest prize in the Philippine wrestling industry over their fallen bodies.

This still sends chills down our collective spines.

It seems that violence speaks louder than words when it comes to the PWR power structure, because General Mr. Sy has just broken news on the main event for PWR Renaissance straight from the Tokyo Dome, where we are told he is scouting for potential business opportunities.

Check it out below.

As promised, here is my huge announcement regarding Philippine Wrestling Revolution's upcoming event, #Renaissance
Posted by Mr. Sy - PWR on Monday, 31 August 2015 

And there you have it, PWR fans: A three-way dance for the PWR Championship between "Classical" Bryan Leo, "The Senyorito" Jake De Leon, and The Apocalypse as the headline match for the next PWR live extravaganza.

The first ever three-way dance for the PWR Championship.

How do you feel about this match for the main event at PWR Renaissance? Right now, a million possible questions abound. 

Do you think "The Man From The First World" can successfully retain his gold against such formidable opposition? This could quite possibly be the first time in his career that Leo enters a match as underdog—not just because of the quality of his competition, but because in a three-man match, the champion essentially loses his "champion's advantage," i.e. he may not even have to be the man pinned for the title to change hands.

This could be a career turning point as well for JDL. He and Bryan Leo have pretty much gotten each other well-scouted; they've faced off a total of five times in the past year, including tag matches, and the Senyorito remains the only man to date to have pinned the arrogant champion in a straight-up mano y mano match. And yet the pride of Hacienda de Leon is on a losing streak, having dropped two straight decisions to Leo. Will the third time be the charm for the fighting Bacolodnon? Or will "Classical" Bryan Leo be the kryptonite to De Leon's super talents? The frustration has got to be building up, especially after his humiliating TKO loss at PWR Live. Can the good-natured Senyorito stay confident and focused in the wake of his recent failures?

Meanwhile, how do you think The Apocalypse will fare in his first ever championship challenge? Can he control his violent tendencies and avoid getting disqualified? Will his deadly crowbar be the difference-maker in this spectacular clash of titans? We've seen him at his best in no-rule situations, such as in his recent dismantling of the hulking Main Maxx at Wrevolution X. The masked challenger will have to be spot-on with his game plan for this match; he's never fought for stakes this high before.

Leave us your thoughts below, and we'll see you all at PWR Renaissance.


PWR Renaissance will be on Saturday, September 26, 2015 at the Makati Square Arena. Tickets should sell for the usual P250, and can be availed of either at the gate, or at accredited retail partners. Gates open at 6 p.m. with bell time at 7 p.m.

All photos are by the fabulous Hub Pacheco.

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