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Kanto Terror Suffers Lacerated Eye, Out Indefinitely

It was supposed to be a night of fun and games at PWR Live last night for crowd favorite Kanto Terror, until darkness came knocking.

Photo by Hub Pacheco

In a vicious, bloody assault by the 6' tall masked monster known as The Apocalypse, the Siga ng Kanto Tinio reportedly suffered a lacerated eye, and will be out of action indefinitely.

Photo by Hub Pacheco. 

KT had been booked to host a pre-show "Lakas Tama" inuman contest with two fans in attendance, but was forced to rush to the ring during the actual show to rescue Mark D. Manalo, his partner in the ultra-popular Beer Promdi tag team, from a violent beatdown by The Apocalypse. The Apocalypse, who had not been booked to appear at PWR Live, had interrupted Manalo's Boot Camp Open Challenge, ambushing his scheduled opponent as he was making his way to the ring, and was in the process of dismantling the beloved Manalo with five successive Death Bells, his feared finishing move, before KT dashed in to make his attempted save.

In a scene reminiscent of a Game of Thrones episode, The Apocalypse had knocked KT unconscious with a Death Bell of his own, and was attempting to gouge out his fallen victim's eye before PWR officials intervened.

We're relieved The Apocalypse's assault didn't come to this.

Mr. Sy, the General Manager of the Philippine Wrestling Revolution, issued the following exclusive statement to Smark Henry:

"The Apocalypse's actions at PWR Live are appalling and reprehensible and should not be celebrated. We apologize for anyone who may have been traumatized by The Apocalypse's attacks on several PWR superstars including PWR Champion 'Classical' Bryan Leo, 'The Senyorito'  Jake De Leon, and Kanto Terror. The PWR Board will hold a meeting at the soonest possible opportunity to determine the appropriate course of action on The Apocalypse."

Kanto Terror was reportedly rushed by emergency medical staff to the nearby Makati Medical Center for examination by an ophthalmologist, and was scheduled for surgery early Sunday morning. Early indications are that the procedure was a success, and that KT remains currently confined for monitoring and intravenous antibiotic treatment.

Photo from the PWR Facebook page

He posted the following from his personal Facebook page earlier this afternoon, and seems to be in decent spirits as he recovers from his operation.

Due to the sensitive nature of the injury, he will be barred from in-ring activity for the foreseeable future.

Our thoughts go out to Kanto Terror as he recovers from his horrific injury.

[UPDATE] Kanto Terror seems well enough to be bantering with "The Senyorito" Jake De Leon on Twitter. We're glad for this, but slightly nauseous over his choice of metaphor. 

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