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#MustWatchMonday: Damien Sandow Appreciation Day

Last week, we promised you a Damien Sandow Appreciation Day for today, August 3, where everyone will (or was supposed to) share their favorite Sandow moment. Unfortunately, Roddy Piper's untimely passing forced the rest of the Internet Wrestling Community to move the little holiday to next Monday instead—but since we here at Smark Henry had already given our own tributes to Roddy Piper last Saturday, we're pushing through with Sandow Appreciation Day today and next week as well, as the beginning of our little countdown to SummerSlam 2015.

For #DamienSandowAppreciationDay, we're featuring Aaron Haddad's biggest career moment so far:

Yes, even if Damien Sandow became only the second guy to unsuccessfully cash in the Money in the Bank contract, this was still the biggest moment of his career. Even if you've already forgotten and even if he had been booked terribly since winning the briefcase, you can tell, from his swagger in this segment alone, that he was priming himself for the main event. We can debate about his actual readiness for a world title reign all day long, but the fact remains is that he brought it. The only reason why he actually didn't win this match was Vince had immediately regretted making him win Money in the Bank after the fact. (The positive reaction Cena got from the crowd when he won might also support this decision.)

When you think about it, this match is actually a blueprint for John Cena's future U.S. Championship Open Challenges—let the contender look strong for most of it, making it look like he has a shot, before coming back with a miracle win. It's not always the best course of action, but it actually gives wrestlers who know how to work enough opportunities to shine and gain credibility. Sandow isn't the greatest, but around this time, he needed to be more credible and look stronger on offense if he wanted to be taken seriously. There's no better way to put over being cutthroat than to viciously attack an injured body part.

While we would have kept the Cena win had we been booking this, we'd change it up and actually put him and Sandow into a full-time feud right before Cena and Orton unified the two world titles. Give Cena and Sandow a good, solid trilogy and book him like Kevin Owens is being booked right now. You'd have a new upper-midcarder heel, and we wouldn't have had to sit through Sandow demean himself and impersonate people week after week until landing on the Miz job. (It wouldn't have led to Miz's career resurrection, but better him than Damien.)

Now he's in limbo after a sad run as Macho Mandow (right after he cut a promo declaring he'd be his own man) that got 86ed along with Curtis Axel's Axelmania gimmick. (Thanks, Hogan!) Now we just need someone with power in the WWE to take a chance on Sandow; but if not, he can leave and beef up another promotion.

What do you think? Should Sandow have won this match? What's your favorite Sandow moment? Let us know in the comments!

Photo from WWE

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