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Roman's Pain: Reigns Assaulted By Fan at House Show

Not that long ago, fans were in open revolt over Roman Reigns being annointed as the WWE's "Chosen One," after he was booked to win the 2015 Royal Rumble to face Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at  this year's WrestleMania

Some just get a little bit too emotional over it, as evidenced by a fan assaulting Roman at a recent house show in Victoria, British Columbia. 

According to a video uploaded to YouTube, a 31-year-old fan threw a home-made Money In The Bank briefcase into the ring at Reigns during a match, striking him in the neck/head area. 

Production was quick to hold a spotlight on the fan as event security gathered to surround him. 

Roman, meanwhile, lay stunned and slumped in the corner for several minutes, clearly dazed by the blow. 

His opponent, Bray Wyatt, stalled for the next few minutes to give him time to recover, kicking the briefcase out of the ring and feigning a foreign object attack to get the referee to hold them apart, buying Reigns more time to regain his senses. 

Reigns would go on to win the match, showing once again that you can't keep a Samoan down by whacking him on the head. 

The fan was reportedly escorted out of the arena by event staff. 

Assault charges were initially raised, but then dropped after he issued an apology. According to a Victoria police spokesman, the fan reportedly threw his replica briefcase into the ring after being egged on by fellow fans. However, as reported by, this particular fan has been banned from all future WWE events.

The one question now on our minds after all this is: Where the heck was Dean Ambrose to babysit his buddy?

You can view the post-assault video in its entirety below.

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