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Rosebuds Rule: Adam Rose > Leo Kruger

We honestly haven't had a clue about where Adam Rose's WWE career is going.

Ever since his highly-acclaimed appearance in the "WWE: Behind The Curtain" mini-documentary feature on ESPN's E:60, fan interest and sympathy has been riding high behind the charismatic Superstar. We all figured the 'E would be capitalizing on all this to give him a well-deserved push, but weren't quite sure what specifically to expect.

First we heard rumors he may be joining the Wyatt Family under his original NXT persona as Leo Kruger, the big game hunter.

Next, we heard he'd be potentially tagging with Brad Maddox under a potential new meathead gimmick, "Beef Mode."

But just tonight, the man himself took to Twitter and it seems the WWE has finally made a decision on his wrestling persona moving forward.

Uber magical indeed.

Looks like the Exotic Express will be back, and #TeamRosebud has won over #TeamKruger.

It's no monster run as Bray Wyatt's right hand man, but we guess we're okay with this. But regardless, it will be interesting to see if the WWE finally commits to giving this talented dude a push he deserves. Last we saw, he was lost in lower-card hell with the likes of Fandango, and sporting a win-loss record somewhere south of 40%, based on the records of our buddies at the Internet Wrestling Database.

We'll leave you with memories of that one night when the whole wrestling universe (or at least those in attendance at Full Sail University) was chanting "That was awesome!" for Adam Rose, and keep our fingers crossed that somewhere down the line, the man can go back to showing us that it's party time, all the time.

Adam Rose Debut - WWE NXT - 3/6/2014 [480p] by TBH4Y

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