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#SGQ: Brooklyn, Brooklyn

All right, all right, all right.

A huge weekend of wrestling is now behind us, and you know what big shows mean—no, not a multitude of confusing alignment changes, but an opportunity for superstars to bust out new looks. And we are here to judge each of those shocking new looks. Every. Single. One of them.

Let's begin!

We start with the person who jerked the very first curtain that weekend, Tyler Breeze. While Breeze has been known for his ridiculous fashion statements—his character is that of a supermodel, after all—we'd just like to take the time to laugh at that ridiculous neck piece. What is that thing? Did he steal it from the tomb of Xerxes from 300?

Meanwhile, we just love the leopard-print chestpiece Jushin Thunder Liger rocked on his way to the ring:

He didn't have to do it, but he did, and whether it was a reference to Breeze's fashion gimmick or just something he wanted to do, it's a nice little touch. Less is more, guys.

Up next, we have the first of the Black and Blue Championship Selection. Why? Because, as everyone noticed, apparently dressing up as the White Ranger last weekend meant you were winning a championship.

Except, of course, the Vaudevillains:

Prior to this, they'd been wearing black, as a reference to their old-timey monochrome nature. This shade of blue is perfect; it gives them a touch of life while still being dark enough to have a vintage feel to their look. We approve of this change.

But wearing blue didn't always translate to victory:

Sasha Banks looked damn good rocking the red, white, and blue of the New England Patriots. Sasha is from Boston—which means she isn't ratchet—and if that were the intention, that's a great tribute.

Before we move on from TakeOver, we just want to give some more props to BAMF. They didn't win, and it wasn't quite as talked-about, but their Iron Man tights were very, very sweet. A red vs. blue NXT Tag Team Championship felt like it was Civil War all up in this thing.

Now, on to SummerSlam.

We weren't kidding about the sexy white-and-gold colorway bringing championships. White Ranger gear looks even better on the New Day, as the color scheme really complements their complexion well.

Although they didn't win, the Lucha Dragons picked a nice colorway this weekend, going with blue and orange. This pairing works for the same reason green and orange does: the blue base counteracts and balances the out-thereness of the orange trim. Check out how it works for the Denver Broncos' home uniforms:

Photo from Sports World Report

Moving on to something we don't like, Lana came out for SummerSlam alongside Dolph Ziggler looking like, well, what Dolph apparently thinks his ladies should dress like.

What is that? Why does she have to dress up like an extra from a Madonna music video from the '80s? Or like the white fourth member of TLC? Why does Dolph's girlfriend have to mean cosplaying like Britney Spears when she was still with Justin Timberlake?

Photo from

And then we've got the guy who, by all rights, should have been one of the best-dressed at SummerSlam, Stephen Amell. The guy's day job is playing a frigging superhero! Instead, he shows up to wrestle dressed like this:

You know what that looks like? A young boy from NJPW.

That's NJPW's Yohei Komatsu, wearing the traditional young boy garb that consists of a nondescript pair of black trunks and black boots. That's what Amell looks like, and it hurt that he was wearing these goofy long shorts that didn't even cover his whole leg, making him come off as a punier Kevin Owens. It's a damn shame, because he came to the ring wearing his own version of the Seth Rollins Vest, which was based on his Arrow costume.

We wish he just wrestled in that, because he wore nothing else that gave him any sort of personality whatsoever. On the other hand, his partner Neville made a nice little tweak that worked out well for him.

I don't know why it took them this long to make this change, considering his finisher's been named the Red Arrow for the longest time. But it looks damn great on him. Purple wasn't bad at all, but maroon looks even more badass.

One last thing before we move on from this match: cutting off the sleeves from the Stardust bodysuit was a great idea. The topless look Stardust debuted back at Fastlane didn't really work, as Cody was a little pudgy for some reason, but this tweak looks damn solid. 

Also, we know it's around for a while, but we like the addition of a third color to the traditional two-toned Stardust color scheme. In this case, sticking to the basics—black and gold, the Goldust colors, plus a strong silver—might be one of his best combinations. One of the best things about the Stardust look are the colors he uses and how he uses them, and expanding the palette without forcing it too much opens up a whole new space for his designs.

Last, but not the least—the best look from the weekend. Crossfit Jesus's white and gold variation of his bodysuit.

The best thing about this design, and what makes it stand out from Bayley's and the New Day's new attire, is that it's just plain clean. The other two have a white base, but have logos and other elements that splash a lot of gold on the base. Rollins's gear is only literally trimmed with gold, producing an awesome minimalist look that other wrestlers should kill for. And as we all know, less is more.

Here's what it looks like with just the tights:

Doesn't that just look immaculate?


What do you think? What were your favorite (and most hated) looks from SummerSlam weekend? Talk to us about it! Let us know in the comments!

Photos from WWE

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