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#SGQ: Cena's Unveiling A New Shirt

It's time for the return of #SGQ, the irregular segment of this site where we dissect wrestlers' gear!

John Cena just appeared on Tough Enough today—his first appearance since Seth Rollins injured his nose—and he inadvertently debuted a new orange-and-green colorway.

It's a full colorway because it's not just a shirt; it's an entire set of gear with the new colors and design, advertising Cena's 15 world championship reigns. Here's the whole thing below:

The colors, a bright, solid orange and forest green, are interesting, to say the least—not only are they a return to Cena's "Fruity Pebbles" style after going black in his U.S. title victory, but they're the signature colors of the Miami University Hurricanes, also known as his fierce rival Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's alma mater. Speaking on the colors alone, there are no protests from us. Green, especially a dark shade, is one of the best colors to complement a loud orange. It's a dynamic pair that looks good.

Smark Henry fuhrer Romeo and editor Anthony already love it because while the base is orange, the secondary green is used rather liberally on the accessories (cap, wristbands, and armbands), instead of also basing them in orange. (The best part is that Cena has two wristbands for this, so you can take your pick.) Some of his old colorways, such as the red and green ones, were almost strictly monotone. The accessories end up balancing the strong primary color with something that's admittedly more masculine, if that's any consideration, and some of his best designs are two-tones. And the more balanced, the better. (Not like his relatively recent ketchup-and-mustard look.)

However, editors Stan and MDJ have a concern with the overall design, believing that it makes the shirt look like a cheap FUBU knockoff you could easily find in Greenhills. It probably has something to do with the slightly goofy-looking illustration of Cena on the front and the usual athletic type they use on his shirts, which isn't very creative.

Moreover, MDJ has a concern about the "15x" text on his shirt, which is a reference to his 15 total WWE and World Heavyweight Championship reigns. It's a possible spoiler for SummerSlam: does unveiling this shirt right before the event mean that he's not going over Seth Rollins? Because if he wins, it wouldn't make much sense for him to continue wearing a shirt that says "15x." The company could easily change it to "16," but that's going to be an additional expense that seems rather unnecessary. (Although that might just be us being praktikal.)

However, Ro believes that the gear might just be promoting Cena as a whole, not necessarily the aftermath of SummerSlam (as the U.S. Championship shirt did for WrestleMania). It's like Cena's just wearing his resume. Then again, resumes do get updated.

What do you think? Do you like Cena's new gear? Do you think it looks terrible? Let us know in the comments!

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