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The Grapevine (8/13/15): We're Afraid We Might Have Some Bad News

Good morning, everyone! Welcome to the Grapevine, and for those who need to catch up, here's our round-up of the (technically unconfirmed) dirt and rumors from the cartoon world of pro wrestling that you may have missed over the evening.

We're latching on to any piece of hype that we could find:

  • Could Barrett be bringing back the Bad News gimmick? He used the phrase on this week's episode of Main Event, and it might be worth noting that Triple H called him "Wade" Barrett in the backstage segment where he gave Stephen Amell his match. At the very least, they're looking to drop the failed King gimmick.

We say: Finally! Although Hunter calling him "Wade" could just be a heat of the moment thing, we're just glad to see some forward movement for Stu Bennett. The trick now is whether to keep him face or heel, because the Bad News gimmick is pretty over.

  • We've reported before that Sting was originally planned for SummerSlam to fight alongside the Shield against the Wyatt Family, but those plans didn't push through. It's said that the WWE decided to leave him off the card because it's already overloaded with big stars, and that they're still unsure of when Erick Rowan will return. Word now is that he could still be used in the coming months, either as the third man against the Wyatt Family after all, or as hype for the WWE Network and Night of Champions in Texas, where he now resides. (Source: F4WOnline)

We say: It seems as though someone in the company is stringing Sting along, like so many others before him. Then again, he doesn't need the physical stress, as he should pretty much be settled for the rest of his life. It's a shame that he wasn't used for SummerSlam—we think that there's still space among the ranks of Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, and Stephen Amell, so something sort of smells fishy here.

  • A little bit of Lucha Underground trivia: contracts are one-sided, set to lock workers in for seven seasons. That means they could be around for at least six more years (considering season one lasted nine months, this is crazy to think about), but of course, that would mean season two onward needs to happen. The biggest issue here would be Prince Puma, who performs elsewhere without his mask. He's set to compete in NJPW, and his episodes are most likely ending up on broadcasts through NJPW World. Whether that will amount to a violation of his LU contract remains to be seen. (Source: F4WOnline)

We say: Seven seasons for a fledgling promotion is insane, even if it proved itself in its first outing. We're not sure what the luchadors were thinking when they signed that. Let's hope Ricochet doesn't get into trouble for taking bookings.

What do you think? Do you want the Bad News gimmick back? Do you think it's coming back at all? Let us know in the comments!

Photo from WWE

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