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The Grapevine (8/3/15): Adam Rose's New Tag Team, Rey's Opinion on a WWE Return, WWE Interested In An LU Star

Good morning, everyone! Welcome to the Grapevine, and for those who need to catch up, here's our round-up of the (technically unconfirmed) dirt and rumors from the cartoon world of pro wrestling that you may have missed from over the weekend.


  • Could Beef Mode be a thing? Looks like Adam Rose and Brad Maddox could become a big, beautiful, beefy thing, as two of WWE's more under-utilized talents worked a live event in Hidalgo, Texas over the weekend as "Beef Mode." The two reportedly were in matching ring gear, and cut a promo over how much better shape they're in than the fans, while calling each other "BFF's."

We say: We're all for more teams to beef up (groan) the tag division, but it's hard to see these boys going anywhere with a gimmick that could all too easily fall into the comedy midcard. Don't get us wrong, we love Adam Rose and think Maddox could very well be in his element playing an arrogant meathead. But we were excited over the rumors of Rose potentially joining the Wyatt Family in place of an injured Erick Rowan, and don't really see this as a huge step up from where he is today.


  • We could be seeing Rey Mysterio in a WWE ring again. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Rey was asked about the chances of him ever returning to the WWE. His answer?
“I didn’t leave on bad terms. I left on good terms with WWE, so I don’t want to say never. They treated me very well, and I’m nothing but thankful with that company for letting Rey Mysterio be Rey Mysterio and be recognized worldwide. If the opportunity comes about in the future, and there is interest from both parties, then why not?”

We say: Mysterio will always be a sentimental favorite here at the Smark Henry offices, but to be frank, perhaps it's better off if we never see him in the 'E again. While tremendously talented and beloved by the fans, he was becoming sadly unreliable with his multiple injuries, and would probably not be entrusted with a high-profile role. In fact, the rumors over his departure centered primarily on how he wanted out, while the WWE felt they would be entitled to roll over and extend his contract with them due to all the time he'd missed while recovering from his various injuries. WWE may have swung for the fences and missed in trying to establish Sin Cara as their first attempt to find a new Hispanic star for a post-Rey world, but that won't keep them from searching. Which leads to the next point...


  • Could Angélico be the WWE's next lucha star? Three WWE representatives, including NXT General Manager William Regal, were reportedly scouting for talent at a recent PWG show in Reseda, California, and came away impressed by Angélico. While Angélico may be South African, he has a great profile and presence in the Hispanic market due to his ongoing exposure via AAA and Lucha Underground. 

We say: This could potentially be very cool, but we're not sure he could fill a role the Lucha Dragons or Neville, to a greater extent, aren't already filling. If the WWE needs a new superstar to cater to the Hispanic segment, there are certainly bigger fish out there to fry. In fact, there's this one guy who's a certified megastar in Mexico that they should totally check out. He's loaded with oodles of wrestling talent, charisma dripping from his pores, marketable good looks, and a style that could easily fit in with the WWE main event style, goes by the name of Alberto El Patron... Oh, wait. 


What do you think, fellow smarks? How do you feel about the WWE going Beef Mode on us? Do you think Rey will ever actually return to the 'E given his long history of injuries? And do you think Angélico really could be a star with them? Drop us a line in the comments section below! 

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