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#ThemeSongTuesday: Happy Birthday, Vince McMahon

Yesterday was the Big Boss's birthday—which was probably why he got this way when it came to SummerSlam booking, other than the fact that he's the boss not named Sasha Banks—and we here at Smark Henry would like to wish Vince McMahon a happy birthday!

While we have had a lot of problems with him recently, there's no denying what he's done for the wrestling industry. The professional wrestling you love (or hate, whatever the case may be) is all thanks to this man.

And what better way to honor him on a Theme Song Tuesday than to showcase one of the most iconic themes in all of wrestling. This song has been in use since 1999, making it one of the longest-running themes in the WWE. Aaaaand after taking a real good listen to it, we just found out that the backbeat sounds like it was taken from a reggae or ska song. Good luck unhearing that one.

Let's throw in another McMahon classic, just because it's his birthday:

Happy, happy birthday, Vince. Please give us the gift of retiring soon.

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