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#ThrowbackThursday: Eddie Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio from SummerSlam 2015

Almost ten years ago to this day, we witnessed a brutal ladder match between Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio for the custody of Rey's son Dominick.

This feud started out as a friendly rivalry between Guerrero and Mysterio, who were the WWE Tag Team Champions heading into WrestleMania 21. Rey picked up the win, which would trigger a desire in Eddie to one-up his tag team partner.

Things escalated two weeks later when Guerrero and Mysterio lost the WWE Tag Team Championship to the debuting Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro, which led Eddie to snap and turn on his tag team partner.

Guerrero and Mysterio would have a match at Judgment Day one month later, which Rey would win via DQ. A couple of months alter at the Great American Bash, Rey and Eddie would square off again with the stipulation that Eddie would reveal Rey's secret should the former pick up the win. Mysterio would win the match, but on the following SmackDown!, Eddie told the world that he lied and dropped the bombshell anyway: he was the biological father of Rey Mysterio's son Dominick.

This would take their feud to new heights with the tension and violence escalating and necessarily culminating in a ladder match at SummerSlam with Dominick's custody on the line.

We haven't seen this match in full in ten years, and while watching it, we couldn't help but get lost in the story all over again. Even though we knew that Eddie would ultimately lose the feud (and then pass away just three months later), we forgot all of that in the moment. For those of us at the Smark Henry offices who still love Eddie Guerrero to this day, watching this match made us hate him through it.

Here's the match in its entirety, coupled with the pre-match video packages that we love watching before the actual match:

Watching Eddie Guerrero work as a thinking wrestling fan is quite the treat because we're now more observant of the things he did. From walking out stoically to his music without the lowrider, without the shimmy, and all of the things we loved seeing in his entrance, we could tell that he had a mastery of taking away what the crowd wanted to see, which is a 101 on how to carry oneself as a heel.

Did you know that Eddie and Rey actually botched a couple of spots in this match? There was that one spot where Eddie and Rey were on top of the ladder and Rey flipped Eddie, which should have led to Eddie countering with a sunset flip powerbomb off the ladder, but instead, Eddie couldn't hang on to Rey and he just fell and hit his head on one of the rungs of the ladder.

And then there was another spot, which we're not sure is a botch or not, but looked like it wasn't part of the plan. At the 17:39 mark, Eddie and Rey were brawling on top of the ladder, with another ladder set up diagonally next to it. Rey flipped Eddie for a back body drop on the perched ladder, which knocked Rey's own ladder down, sending both men into a heap. Man, that was painful to watch.

Most of us remember the finish being that Vickie Guerrero would knock Eddie off the ladder, but some of us here at the Smark Henry offices actually forgot that Vickie was actively pulling Eddie back so that Rey could climb the ladder and get the briefcase. Speaking of the briefcase, there were also multiple times in the match when you could tell both guys were stalling and pretending to struggle with unhooking it. It conjures images of Jack Swagger fumbling with the carabiner holding the Money in the Bank briefcase when he won that match at WrestleMania 26.

On a final note, Michael Cole and Tazz did an excellent job on commentary. They told a great story about the match being all about Eddie's desire to get a win over Rey Mysterio. They played up his 0-6 win-loss record against Mysterio very well, and at the same time painted a great picture of Mysterio being a loving father to Dominick, regardless of who the child's biological father was. Interestingly, Cole admitted on air that he adopted two children, and it added nuance to the relationship of a father and his adopted son. As for Tazz, it's worth appreciating that he just leveled his commentary from the perspective of a human being, and how even though he was supposed to be the heel announcer, he couldn't bring himself to root for the despicable Eddie Guerrero.

Eddie would eventually get his win over Rey Mysterio in a steel cage match on SmackDown! two weeks later. And he would then move on to his final feud with Batista over the World Heavyweight Championship.

As a whole, this match was still amazing and is a must-watch on this Throwback Thursday as we remember the late, great Eddie Guerrero and the living lucha legend Rey Mysterio.


What are your favorite moments from past SummerSlams? Let us know and hit us up in the comments section below! 

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