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#ThrowbackThursday: You, Me, SummerSlam.

Since we're on the Road to SummerSlam, we at the Smark Henry offices have decided to include some SummerSlam-themed posts in our daily blog.

Today, we feature one of the Undertaker's most famous promos. Growing up, a lot of us have associated the Deadman with being a man of few words, and in this promo, he made an impact with just three words: "You, me, SummerSlam."

Yes, it was that promo from 2004, during John "Bradshaw" Layfield's lengthy run as WWE Champion on SmackDown!. At the time, JBL had just wrapped up his feud with Eddie Guerrero and he didn't have an opponent for the upcoming PPV. When JBL bragged about having nobody to challenge him, the Undertaker appeared, much to JBL's shock.

JBL tried to talk his way out of it by trying to get Taker an opponent of his own, but the Phenom was having none of it. It was the right call as the Wrestling God had planned to hit the Undertaker with a Clothesline From Hell, which the Undertaker quickly countered with a chokeslam, planting JBL on the mat.

It was there with a limp JBL, that the Undertaker grabbed JBL's wrist, still mic in hand, and uttered those three words that wrestling fans would imitate over and over again from then on.

"You, me, SummerSlam."

Here's the promo in its entirety:

This segment is eleven years old, and we still don't get tired of it to this day. And how fitting is it that the Undertaker is main eventing SummerSlam again this year? They say that in life, there are three things that remain the same: death, taxes, and change. The Undertaker's making a case for his place in that group.

Photo from WWE

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