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#WTFWednesday: Weird Fan Signs

Fan signs are an essential part of any wrestling show. Whether they're meant to show support or heckle the wrestlers, it's always fun to look at these, uh, pieces of ahrt fans proudly display in front of national television.

Sometimes, though, these fan signs are simply mind-boggling.

Look at her face. She really wants the D(evitt).

Ardo Miravalles posted this on the Smark Gilas-Pilipinas Facebook group a couple of days ago, and we thought that this would be a good feature for #WTFWednesday. Since then, we've been going around the Smark Henry offices to ask our writers about the weirdest fan signs they've ever seen. Here are a couple we got:

Yes, because telling everyone about your urinary condition is totally acceptable behavior.

Then again, most non-related fan signs are mind-boggling. How about we look at something a little more on topic?

Huh? Because gravedigger/undead wizard = necrophile? That's a logical conclusion, I guess. Also, did he mean to say "Triple H" instead of the Undertaker?

If Chyna can't get into the Hall of Fame because she did porn, what about Hunter?

Sometimes, fan signs are weird because whoever wrote them never learned how to spell:

Taken from failblog

FURRY? Who the fuck are you talking about, El Torito?

Taken from World in Sport

Sometimes, though, they're just too long:

Breaking the fourth wall! Still, this fucker's the OG Prince Mema.

That's all we have, but we're sure you guys have seen weirder. What's the weirdest fan sign you've seen? Let us know!

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