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#WTFWednesday: Wrestlers As OTHER THINGS

You can file this week's #WTFWednesday under "The IWC Has Too Much Damn Time On Their Hands." Over the past few weeks, those of us on Twitter have noticed the emergence of a few bizarre accounts.

Let's start with the normal one, first. Presenting: Kevin Owens as Bears.

...Okay, while this is certainly weird, we can see where the comparisons come from. Kevin Owens is a big dude with some fuzz on his face, so it kinda makes sense to see a bear in him.

But then things just start getting a little weirder, especially with this next one, called... Eva Marie as Okada.

Ooo...kay. But it seems as though even the creator of this account knows that #AllRed as the Rainmaker is a bit of a stretch, so he/she goes into other comparisons.

So this account might very well be called "Eva Marie as NJPW."

But speaking of NJPW and Okada, it doesn't end there. Going further into bizarro territory, we have... Okada as Ice Cream.

But even though it seems completely bizarre, we have to give whoever runs Okada as Ice Cream some credit: he or she knows what they're doing. It looks like they're just pairing Okada randomly with some ice cream, but they're actually sticking close to the color palette of Okada's picture when they choose the corresponding ice cream. Aaand we never thought we'd get that in-depth with wrestler/ice cream comparisons.

A similar account that is this strict with the comparisons is Io Shirai (a joshi) as Flowers:

That, at least, is damn pretty.


This shit is getting weirder and weirder, guys. In fact, we're leaving the best (and most bizarre) for last, because we haven't found anything more bizarre than this.

Ladies and gentlemen, Shinsuke Nakamura as Beaches:

Now that... that is art. But we're legitimately afraid of what might come next. What's your favorite ____ as ____ account so far? Let us know!

Photo from Workouts for Trainers

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