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You're Invited To Our Live SummerSlam Viewing Party

Skinny Mike's Sports Bar, the Philippine Wrestling Revolution, and Smark Henry are hosting a live WWE SummerSlam viewing party on Monday, August 24, at 6 in the morning, and the whole Philippines is invited.

Click here to confirm your attendance for free.

Why should you drag your ass out of bed this early on a Monday when you could be watching all alone at home on cable or some crappy livestream? We're glad you asked.

Remember that video that went viral on all the big wrestling blogs of that insane WrestleMania viewing party where the crowd went nuts when Seth Rollins cashed in on Brock Lesnar to steal the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? That happened at Skinny Mike's.

Remember how awesome it was to be chanting "YES! YES! YES!" live with nearly two hundred other screaming wrestling fans as Daniel Bryan climbed the ladder to claim the Intercontinental Champion? That happened at Skinny Mike's.

Remember how mind-blowing it was to be watching the Granddaddy of Them All side by side with today's greatest Philippine wrestling stars like "Classical" Bryan Leo, Main Maxx, and "Cutthroat" John Sebastian? That totally happened at Skinny Mike's.

Remember how awesome it was to be wolfing down the best wings in town for just P15 a piece to go with ice-cold beers? The Smark Henry table alone finished 250 wings that morning, and yes, that was totally at Skinny Mike's.

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Want to mark out together with the Philippines' rowdiest wrestling fans when John Cena squares off with Seth Rollins in a winner-takes-all champion versus champion match? Feel like counting along with Brock Lesnar as he takes the Undertaker via the long, leisurely, scenic route to Suplex City? Come over. There's nothing quite like catching a WWE event with other fans who will go nuts with you and create an atmosphere worth remembering.

(At the very least, you get to chant along with "Let's go Cena! Cena sucks!")

It's going to be an amazing four-hour extravaganza, complete with some kick-ass prizes to be given away by our friends and sponsors, on top of everything listed above.

Admission is free! So bring a friend or twelve. All you have to do is confirm your attendance on the Facebook event page right here.

And hey, just because we love wrasslin' that much, we're hosting a pre-party the day before to catch NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn. That's on Sunday, August 23, at 6 in the morning too.

Tell a friend. Bring a friend. Come over. There's plenty of wrestling to go around. Manila might never get to host a real live SummerSlam, but this will be the next best thing.

See you there!


Skinny Mike's Sports Bar is located at 32nd Street corner Justice Drive at Bonifacio Global City, near St. Luke's Medical Center and S&R. 

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