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#FinisherFridays: Fit for Royalty

Holla Henrinities! 

Today’s a special holiday edition of Smark Henry's version of weekly wrestling move highlights and favorite happy balance article, #FinisherFridays! 

The day of reckoning is upon us, as PWR Renaissance is happening tomorrow and we here at the Smark Henry offices are more than pumped, ready and frothing at the mouth with excitement – well, maybe just me.

And how can you not be, with the countdown primers that the PWR Facebook page has been putting out, you can feel that something huge is going down as they kick off their 2nd incarnation of Renaissance. And a Renaissance it is indeed, as a resurgence of the talent is apparent in a stacked card layered to crown dominant tag teams, hybrid champions, and even suplados.

But nothing is as important and landscape defining as the main event: a 3-Way Match for the PWR Championship between: the “Senyorito” Jake De Leon, the brooding Apocalypse and the reigning champion, “Classical” Bryan Leo.

Apocalypse derelict couture on fleek!

Now anything can happen in this three-way dance: you got everyone's favorite Senyorito ready to kick anything in sight or the hulking Apocalypse deadset on being king of the hill. But despite the odds being stacked against the King of the Royal Flush -- this is still his match to lose -- after all, Renaissance is his very own playground.

And with that, we take a look at “Classical” Bryan Leo’s newest weapon in his arsenal. The submission move he used to put The Senyorito to sleep: Royal Prison Lock 2.

The Royal Prison Lock 2 is a submission consisting of a choke/sleeper hold with an added keylock. That certainly is a careful mixture of pain, as it applies heavy pressure on the neck and shoulder. Imagine someone cranking on your shoulder while you gasp for air. Yep. Ouch.

Now while this move looks a like a mixed variation of the Million Dollar Dream and Cobra Clutch, Bryan Leo himself has said that he innovated this move with the aim to maim and crafted to cripple. If need be, he could also mount or apply leg scissors for added leverage and torque.

(And yes, we did get to speak to the Bryan Leo while John Sebastian was distracted in his quest to #CHANGETHEMATCH.)

But despite this, the move is not unbreakable, as you could attempt to power or wiggle out as soon as the Champ calls for it. Just don't wait until he locks your wrist on the hold. Flailing around and fainting also helps. 

(Flailing around and fainting also helps, which what your humble scribe did when the champ showed him first hand how it felt after asking too many questions. #OUCHIE)

With a day away before "Classical" Bryan Leo's biggest test to date, will we see him rely on the Royal Prison Lock 2 to ensure victory? Will the Senyorito be able to escape it this time? Or will we see the Apocalypse ring the Death Bells. Only one way to find out..

Catch PWR Renaissance this Saturday, September 26, at the Makati Square Arena! 
Tickets will still be sold at the gate for PHP300 each!

All photos by Hub Pacheco
GIFS from tumblr


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