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#FinisherFridays: It's a #Bellabration!

Holla Henrinites! We are back for another round of your weekly highlights of hard-hitting, jaw-dropping and sometimes even head-scratching wrestling finishing moves that we here at Smark Henry are fond of calling #FinisherFridays! 

As you may have heard the groans all over social media and in this week's Raw, we have now reached the pinnacle of the #EraoftheBella with Nikki stamping her name in the WWE history books as the longest reigning WWE Divas Champion to date! 

Now, while some Marks and even Sharons may find this accomplishment undeservedly revolting, we here at the Smark Henry boiler room are sticklers for celebrations, in this case, Bellabration and we would like to dedicate this week's edition of #FinisherFridays to #TeamBella! 


Let's start off with the honorary Bella, Alicia Fox. Don't get me wrong, we'd love to see more action out of our favorite outie so she can put those long legs of hers to good use. Everyone knows that Alicia does a mean Scissors Kick but her modified leg drop bulldog finisher called the Foxy Buster is downright evil! Just wish she was giving the other divas headaches and not just herself...


We now go on to one half of the Bella twins, doting wife to the Yes man, and possessor of the most annoying "Let's go, Nikki" chants you'll ever hear, it's.......... 


Although it's noticeable that Brie is taking more of a backseat to her twinnie, we're still confused about what role she plays in the team. But we have to give it to her d
espite an entire move repertoire consisting of kicks and screams, Brie keeps it fresh by bringing to the table her version of the Yes! Lock. Unfortunately though, she offsets this by channeling X-Pac with her finisher, the Bella Buster.  

Nothing more damaging than faces to mats

Which brings us to the the reigning, yet barely defending, undisputed but not for long....... 

WWE Divas Champ, Nikki Bella! 

Holding the gold for over 300 days takes more than just favour from management and a tool for revenge. We have to admit that the Bellas, particularly Nikki's ringwork has improved greatly. With a power moveset ranging from Alabama Slams to huge... Forearms to the face, this Bella deserves her spot as the top femme fatale of the 'E.  

Her version of the Argentina Backbreaker, which is aptly called the Rack Attack is the perfect exclamation point for her matches, bending and breaking Divas at will.

Her knees might disagree though..
Say all we want about the Bellas, but we can't seem to make them go away. All we can do is just look, because we can't touch the success #TeamBella this 2015. On towards the #Bellabration!


Comments? Violent reactions? Temper tantrums? Let us know what you think of #TeamBella in the comments below! #finished

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