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Hulkamania Running Vice

Weeks after the meltdown that cost him a cushy job with the WWE, Hulk Hogan has set his sights on a new goal: to be the next Vice President of the United States.

TMZ reports that while Hogan is not mad with the WWE for letting him go, he's not in the mood to land an atomic leg drop on US Presidential candidates anytime soon. Rather, the WWE Hall of Famer (until that "n"-bomb went off) wants to be the vice-presidential running mate of…

Donald Trump.

That's right, Donald Trump: real estate mogul, host of "The Apprentice," former part-owner of WWE Raw, and meantime adversary of one Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

We're pretty sure that Hogan made this in jest, but let's face it: wrestling is quite the hotspot for political careers and public service. Jesse Ventura was a former Governor of Minnesota, Rick Steiner was part of the Cherokee County School Board, and Linda McMahon had well-publicized (really expensive) bids to represent the state of Connecticut. Heck, Abraham Lincoln himself was a catch-as-catch-can wrestler.

Hogan won't be in strange company, although if he bids for real…

Would a Hogan 2016 run mean a platform of prayers, vitamins, and a plan for economic recovery? Probably not: while we won't bet on Hogan turning up on the ballot for Trump, the thought of Hogan running wild on America sort of makes us cringe.

We'd like to know your thoughts. Do let us know in the comments: what are Hogan's chances for success to be Trump's right-hand man in the White House? How do you feel about Hogan running wild in America?

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