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Just Announced: Bombay Suarez vs. John Sebastian II

John Sebastian is pissed.

The brash, cocky "Jack of All Trades" of the nefarious Royal Flush had one heck of an August.

He started it off by beating the beloved "Heart and Soul of PWR" Bombay Suarez in a stunning upset at PWR Live that rocked the Philippine wrestling industry to its foundations.

Next, he rocketed to a surprising #2 in the official Smark Henry PWR Power Rankings, beating out both former PWR Champion "The Senyorito" Jake De Leon and the unpredictable Mayhem Brannigan for the coveted spot.

(Yes, John, you told us so. Many times. Repeatedly. Now stop it. It's annoying.)

There's such a thing as a sore winner though, and that's exactly what the Asshole from Ayala Alabang has been, scheduling an interview at the PWR studios for the sole purpose of gloating over his dominant month.

Too bad for him Bombay Suarez is an even bigger sore loser, interrupting Sebastian's moment of glory with a special delivery of a Bombay-powered beatdown while formally issuing his challenge for the upcoming PWR Renaissance show. Check this out.

John Sebastian talks about his win at PWR Live
John Sebastian - PWR decided to take some time out to talk about his big win over Bombay Suarez - PWR back at #PWRLive. Little did he know, the Royal Flush's "Jack of all Trades" and self-proclaimed "Killer of B*tch-killers" was in for a little surprise.
Posted by Philippine Wrestling Revolution on Thursday, 3 September 2015

We'll be frank; we weren't exactly drooling over the possibility of a lingerie match for Bombay-Sebastian II, but PWR General Manager Mr. Sy has intervened and made the rematch official.

That's right, Revo-nation. Looks like John Sebastian's mouth may have written a cheque his ass can't cash, because for the first time in his career, he will be squaring off against the Pinoy backyard wrestling legend in a match he made famous, the No Holds Barred match.

Our Analysis

John Sebastian is no wet-behind-the-ears rookie, let's get that straight. And we'll gladly face facts:

  • John Sebastian is undefeated ever since he assumed the role of "Classical" Bryan Leo's second-in-command in the Royal Flush. 
  • John Sebastian is on an impressive two-match winning streak, owning dominant wins against Suarez and the promising Ralph Imabayashi in his most recent outings.
  • John Sebastian is the only other man besides Jake De Leon to have pinned Bombay for the 3-count.
  • John Sebastian's Killshot is perhaps the second deadliest finisher in PWR today, next only to the monstrous Apocalypse's trademark Death Bell.

#Knees2Faces, Sebastian-style!

But Bombay Suarez has some pretty spiffy credentials of his own.

  • Bombay is one of only two wrestlers to have defeated The Apocalypse, current co-number one contender for the PWR Championship, in a straight-up one-on-one match. (Sorry Mayhem. Don't kill us.)
  • Bombay is co-owner of the longest winning streak in PWR history at three straight wins over such top-notch opponents as Ken Warren, the aforementioned Apocalypse, Main Maxx, and reigning PWR Champion Bryan Leo.
  • Bombay has suffered both a sprained shoulder and a busted-open mouth in a match—and still gone on to win.

No wonder Sebastian is livid over being shoe-horned into a match he feels is entirely unjustified and unnecessary.

It's hard to make a prediction for this match, to be entirely honest.

John Sebastian is red-hot with momentum, while Bombay Suarez is facing the spectre of a possible three-match losing streak, which would drop him to .500 for the first time in his PWR career. A second straight loss to Sebastian would be crushing for the "Bitch Killer," and would most likely drop him entirely out of contention for the PWR Championship race. It's hard to imagine Bombay being humbled once more after such a promising start to his PWR run—especially when backstage, he is privately regarded as the most respected wrestler among his locker room peers.

But we do have to wonder if the No Holds Barred stipulation could potentially be Suarez's downfall. While it certainly opens the door for the use of such trademark foreign objects as his kendo stick and baking tins to augment his all-out brawling arsenal, it also makes the possibility of a being on the losing hand of the numbers game entirely plausible. The Royal Flush is never shy about using their force of numbers to overwhelm a foe; Scarlett and Bryan Leo have a Master's degree in distracting the referee, and could be the X-factor in a contest this tight, while Sebastian has shown he isn't above using a bit of sleight-of-hand to turn the tables in his favor.

Sebastian makes Bombay go BAMF!

In that regard, we have to swallow our pride and say that in all likelihood, Bombay Suarez is a slight underdog heading into this match (and maybe for the first time ever in his life!), and is probably going down in defeat once more against the talented young lieutenant of the Royal Flush.

Sorry, Bombay.
Smark Henry Prediction:
John Sebastian wins via Royal Flush shenanigans.

P.S. He's also still a jerk.

A quick word from John Sebastian about PWR Live
In this quick video, I hope to address some of the criticism that have been going around regarding my recent actions and statements following PWR Live. Thank you for giving it time, and I hope it let's you learn more about who I am, and what I do.
Posted by John Sebastian - PWR on Monday, August 24, 2015


What do you think, PWR fans? Will Bombay Suarez bounce back from his crushing defeat last August, or will John Sebastian prove once and for all that he is indeed the #2 wrestler in PWR today? Leave us your predictions in the comments section below, and we'll see you at PWR Renaissance.


PWR Renaissance is happening on September 26, Saturday, at the Makati Square Arena. Tickets sell for P300 and can be purchased at the gates, or at accredited retail partners to be announced very soon. Doors open at 6 p.m., while bell time is at 7 p.m.

All photos are by the fabulous Hub Pacheco

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