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#MustWatchMonday: D is for Dashing

Most wrestlers are lucky to find one gimmick that's absolute money, but for one dude named Cody Rhodes, lightning struck twice.

To be completely fair, we all dig his current Stardust gimmick with our collective Smark Henry hearts. Nobody since the glory days of the Ultimate Warrior, "Macho Man" Randy Savage, or Goldust has quite nailed that out-there lunatic shtick the way he has.

But don't forget that five years ago he introduced one of the most entertaining, gleefully douchey gimmicks of recent vintage, "Dashing" Cody Rhodes, a gimmick we're celebrating in this week's edition of #MustWatchMondays.

It all started when the WWE ran a survey among its Divas asking who they thought was the handsomest wrestler on the roster back then. And with a shocking 35% vote, Cody Rhodes emerged as the frontrunner, narrowly nosing out John Cena for the top spot.

In a surprisingly lucid moment of moment marketing for the WWE, they let Cody run with it, having him waltz to the ring with some jobber named Husky Harris—wonder what ever happened to him?—to gloat over his newly-awarded credentials as the best-looking man in professional wrestling. Check out his debut promo.

Cody was absolutely on the money here, getting in some good zingers.

"I can see the popcorn oil oozing out of your skin," he goaded some poor jabroni at ringside. "I can hear you getting fatter!"

"I haven't had a carb since Bill Clinton was president," he crowed to Tony Chimel. "You haven't had a donut since, what, the first match?"

Even "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes wasn't spared. "This isn't genetics. I mean, have you seen my father?"

Cody would go on to unleash even more priceless vignettes under the "Dashing" gimmick, including these glorious masterpieces on manscaping.

And let's not forget that "Dashing" Cody Rhodes is the man to whom we owe the turn of the beloved white Intercontinental Championship.

Not bad for a pretty—excuse us, DASHING—boy.

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Do you dig Cody's "Dashing" gimmick, or does his current Stardust gimmick dazzle you more? Sound off at the comments section below!

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