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#OnThisDay (9/21/15): The Night Goldberg Became A WWE Champion

Remember when Goldberg was the hottest property in professional wrestling? He was so hot, he was even the official image model for WCW's own line of licensed fragrances.

Goldberg for Nitro eau de toilette. 60% of the time, it works every time.

Despite his awesome in-ring presence and rabid fan support, it's hard to believe that the man has held just two World Championships in his high-octane pro wrestling career—one each in WCW and in the WWE.

And so let's go all the way back twelve years to this day, September 21st, when Goldberg successfully challenged reigning World Heavyweight Champion Triple H for the title at Unforgiven 2003.

As a quick background, Goldberg had made his WWE debut roughly six months prior the day after WrestleMania to spear The Rock from out of nowhere, which led to a dominant run through the company, defeating the likes of Rocky, Christian, and Chris Jericho in various feuds. He'd go on to prove his dominance enough to be invited to participate in an Elimination Chamber match at SummerSlam, where he put on a scintillating performance by squashing Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, and Jericho in quick succession, before falling prey to some sledgehammer action by HHH for the loss.

An incensed Goldberg demanded a one-on-one match with the World Champion at the next pay-per-view, putting his career on the line as bait. Triple H agreed, and the match that transpired is right here.

We'll be honest with you all—it wasn't a fantastic match, scoring just 1.75 stars from Dave Meltzer. But then again, you never watched a Goldberg match for some on-fleek ring psychology and storytelling; you watched it for the spectacle. There are few things more heart-pounding than a jacked Goldberg splattering someone all over the canvas with his trademark Spear, then planting them for the 1-2-3 with his legendary Jackhammer.

Granted, it would have been cooler to see him raise the actual WWE Heavyweight Championship Belt in victory instead of the Big Gold Belt, but it was still pretty cool seeing him win gold in a WWE ring.

He's the king of the world!

What do you guys think of Goldberg's World Heavyweight Championship win? Iconic moment, or overrated dud? Do you think he could have achieved more in his wrestling career? Let us know in the comments section below.

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