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Quick Reactions: WWE Night of Champions 2015

Here are top tweets, comments, and reactions on WWE Night of Champions by the fellas at Smark Henry and fellow wrestling fans at the Smark Gilas-Pilipinas (SGP) Facebook group.

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Gene Angelo Ferrer in SGP: That was a weird [Divas] match. Tipong I felt the "we're done with that longest reign approach" ng story line. :)) Two offensive moves the entire match and she won. Labo.
Mark de Joya in SGP: Well.. It makes sense to have the first undisputed champion as your third man at Night of Champions, I guess..

Gene Angelo Ferrer in SGP: Two words for that match [Ambrose/Reigns/Jericho vs Wyatts]: Wasted opportunity.
Gene Angelo Ferrer in SGP: There is just no way you beat John Cena 1 on 1. :| Really impressive match from Rollins.

Wendell Dongo in SGP: Sting will look like such a jabroni if he still loses here
Anthony Cuello replies: LOL Sting what a jabroni [Wendell]

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