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Ruthless Roundtable: WWE Night of Champions 2015

At Night of Champions, the WWE’s top dog and double champion goes through his toughest test to date.

Seth Rollins defends his WWE World Title against “The Vigilante” Sting... and on the same night, he faces John Cena in a rematch for the United States Championship!

Will Rollins retain both titles or will he lose one… or even lose both?

All WWE championships will be on the line this Sunday (Monday morning here in Manila)! Plus, the Wyatts and the world await who will be Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns’ mystery partner in their six-man warfare!

The Smark Henry Ruthless Roundtable is back to run through the Night of Champions card, do a Triple H, and pick what’s “best for business.”

» WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Sting vs. Seth Rollins (c)

Romeo Moran: I expect this match to be a solid sleeper. It feels like one of those things that could have that tiniest spark of genius, that maybe Sting is spry enough to pull off a barn-burner with Seth; at the very least, though, it’s going to be a solid bout. It is pretty surreal that Sting is challenging for the WWE title, but it’s kinda easier to get over the mystique thanks to the last WrestleMania.

Either Seth retains to see Sheamus come out and cash in, or Sting ekes out the upset victory for Sheamus to definitely rain on his parade. My guess is Seth retains, but with all the teasing they’ve been doing for Sheamus, the latter scenario is also possible.

Mark de Joya (MDJ): If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the last six months, it’s that Seth Rollins is the real deal. The man is the closest thing to being the total package since John Cena, which is ironic, considering Sting’s real-life running buddy back in his WCW glory days was, in fact, “The Total Package” Lex Luger. Personally, I’ve hated how WWE has painted the Sting character more under his prankster character from his ill-fated TNA run as Joker Sting as opposed to the cool, brooding vigilante he played when he first emerged as Crow Sting, and that for me is what makes his chances of winning impossible.

It’s a huge deal when serious WCW-era Sting defeats the WWE kingpin, but not so much when it’s goofy zany TNA-era Sting. I predict a tough, well-fought battle by both men, but Seth Rollins will be the night’s big winner.

Stan Sy: At this point in his career, I really don’t see a scenario where Sting walks out as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Rollins is totally retaining the title, regardless of whether he is still United States Champion by the end of the night or not. Do I think that Sheamus cashes in the Money in the Bank briefcase? I think he’ll make an attempt, but that he’ll be foiled. I actually want to see Big Show or some new grunt from the Authority to protect Rollins. My prediction: Seth Rollins retains the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Buezzy the House Elf (BHE): Ang cool kung magiging WWE World Champion si Sting, kahit saglit lang. Kung si Rey Mysterio nga, naging WWE Champion nang wala pang isang araw eh, at naging US Champion pa si Bret Hart noong 2010 kahit retired na, si Sting pa kaya?
Pero tulad ng nangyari kay Mysterio, saglit lang din siyang champion, sa tingin ko, dahil kay Mr. Money in the Bank, Sheamus. Mukha man siyang timang sa itsura niya, pero lahat tayo nganganga na lang kung matatapos ang palabas at iuuwi ni Sheamus ang WWE Title.

» United States Champion: John Cena vs. Seth Rollins (c)

Ro: This is where things get a little fuzzier. This is the 50-50 chance match for obvious reasons, and the consensus seems to be that Cena is taking the championship back. However, I still think someone else needs the rub of beating a double champion a lot more than Cena, so I’m going to go with an against-all-odds feeling of Rollins winning. They won’t want him to just yet, but I feel like this event begins the winding-down phase of his career.

MDJ: You can count on one hand the number of men who have been real nemeses for John Cena: Randy Orton, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Edge. Could Seth Rollins be the fifth man in this elite group, and take down the legend of John Cena in a convincing, legend-building manner? We all remember how Chris Jericho’s claim to fame as Undisputed Champion was the genuinely awe-inspiring feat of beating both The Rock and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in one night, and Night of Champions could see the same thing happen for Seth Rollins. I have a small, shining hope that WWE’s trademark ticky-tack 50-50 booking won’t make its presence felt, and that Rollins will emerge 2-0 from the carnage.

Stan: I’m actually erring on the side of caution here. Unlike Ro and MDJ, I think that Vince already sees Seth’s run as double champion as something that’s been lackluster. Cena can still do way much more as U.S. Champion than Seth can as double champion. With Seth as double champion, all eyes are on him, whereas with Cena there as U.S. Champion, you allow him to focus on other opponents, elevating younger talent in the process. That being said, one month was a nice run, but double champions rarely stay that way. We’ll be having a new United States Champion, AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA!

BHE: Ang hirap nito ah. Sa isang banda, kapag nanalo si Rollins, dalawang magkasunod na PPV nang natalo si John Cena. Sobrang bihira nun. Parang "passing the torch" ito, ika nga. Kaso, kung nakikita kong matatalo si Rollins sa WWE World Title match, parang ang pangit naman kung US Title lang ang matitira sa kanya. Demotion? Kaya, hula ko, makukuha muli ni John Cena ang US Title, at iiyak na lang si Seth Rollins. *cue Lito Camo*

» Intercontinental Championship: Kevin Owens vs. Ryback (c)

Ro: It’s time to pull the trigger on Kevin Owens. It just is.

MDJ: I have a soft spot for big, bald dudes, but I just find myself underwhelmed as a whole by Ryback’s whole run as Intercontinental Champion, which is tough because I want so badly to care about him as a character. Kevin Owens, on the other hand, is a prizefighter without a prize right now, and I trust him more than I do Beezy to bring some heat to the midcard championship scene. Kevin Owens will win, and he will dominate.

Stan: Ryback’s time as Intercontinental Champion has been underwhelming. And then there’s Kevin Owens, who needs a shiny new toy to fight for. I wouldn’t mind seeing these two feud for a month or two, as long as Owens is the one running around with the Intercontinental Championship. Somehow, Ryback is just easier to get behind as the babyface going after the title than as the defending champion. It’s Owens’ time. #FightOwensFight.

BHE: Tama! Si Owens ang mag-o-Owe ng IC Title! Panahon na ng mokong na laging naghahanap ng away!

» WWE Tag Team Championship: The Dudley Boyz vs. The New Day (c)

Ro: The overwhelming gut feeling will tell you that the veteran Dudleys are going to put the New Day over, but we could also get a scenario in which all two teams (and maybe another) will hot potato the tag titles in quick, one-month intervals. I wouldn’t mind that happening.

MDJ: XAVIER! GET THE TROMBONE! Seriously, I freaking love the New Day right now. In my mind, nobody has given the tag team scene this much personality the way these bad boys have since—surprise—the Dudley Boyz. Unlike Ro, I’m against a hot potato title reign for the Duds, mainly because that’s exactly what the Prime Time Players got, and the tag scene is the last place we need to see repetitiveness. The New Day wins via outside interference, but this won’t be the last chapter in their budding way against the mayors of Dudleyville.

Stan: We’ve only just begun. Seriously. Give the Dudleyz, the New Day, and the Prime Time Players a feud that takes them all the way to TLC, concluding in a TLC match in December, and you’ll have easily recreated the greatness that was the TLC feud from 2000-2001. For now, though, Creative’s got to take advantage of the heat-generating goodness that is the New Day, so they’re retaining.

BHE: Hindi man ako laking Attitude Era, pero naabutan ko pa rin naman ang astig na Dudley Boyz sa huling stint nila sa WWE bago ito. Habang nakaka-aliw panoorin ang New Day bilang champions, mas gusto ko sila kapag hinahabol nila ang WWE Tag Team titles. Kaya sa Linggo, may masasakripisyong mga mesa, at magiging tag champions ulit sina Bubba Ray and Devon!

» Divas Championship: Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella (c)

MDJ: Fine, we got Nikki her record-breaking longest Divas Champion reign, now can we move on please? The #DivasRevolution is just spinning its wheels right now, and maybe here’s where some hot potato title reigns among all the competitors involved would come in handy.

Charlotte wins this one, and she’s winning with (WOOOO!) flair. They have a real chance to press the reset button by giving Charlotte the title. Even though I go against the popular opinion and think that Nikki has blossomed into a fine wrestler, right now I would much rather see Team PCB fall apart and have Charlotte and Paige feud for the championship heading into Survivor Series.

Stan: I have to agree with Peter Rosenberg and David Shoemaker, who said on this week’s Cheap Heat that having this match take place (again) at Night of Champions has made this story anticlimactic. We know where this is going. Charlotte’s got to win. She’s just got to. Plus, with all my championship match predictions ending in heels winning/retaining, we’ll need one babyface champion. WOOOOO!

BHE: Yup, parang ewan 'yung nangyari sa RAW nung Lunes. Mas OK pa sana kung may representatives 'yung bawat 3 teams, hindi 'yung kung ano 'yung naka-schedule naman para sa PPV. Ano ba? Edi mas obvious na pinalampas lang 'yung record-breaking reign, at mas halatang mananalo na si Charlotte sa NOC.

» Six-man Tag Team Match: Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and ??? vs. The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, and Braun Strowman)

Anthony Cuello: I am ready for the return of Savio Vega and/or The Great Khali. Kidding aside, mystery partners have always been a fun thing to look forward to, and this one is no exception. There’s a couple of duds they can go with (Rowan, Orton) that will fall flat, so I’m hoping it isn’t those two. The important thing is that whoever their third man is, he has to be able to level the big advantage that is Braun Strowman. There’s a couple of people who could fit this. Samoa Joe would make sense, actually, but I’m hoping for someone else. Someone who can lift massive people and throw them down. A superman. Someone very... European.

With all the focus on the mystery man, I think that we’re going to see a Shield 2.0 victory here. He/she is going to level the the playing field against the Wyatts, take them by surprise, and help Roman and Dean pick up a win. This will all probably lead to one more match at Hell in a Cell between the two teams, after which we’ll probably see the rise of the Roman Empire 2.0.

MDJ: I think the buzz around Braun Strowman has cooled off somewhat, probably because he reminds everyone of that poor jabroni who hangs around (the late?) Jon Snow all the time. He’s decimated Ambrose and Reigns each time he’s stepped into the same building as them, but he just doesn’t strike me as having the same aura of intrigue that someone like, say, Luke Harper has.

I, for one, am incredibly intrigued by who the mystery sixth man will be, and if Strowman is supposed to be the Wyatt Family’s immovable object, then I have high hopes of seeing the main roster debut of the unstoppable force known as Samoa Joe. Both teams need a win, neither one can lose, and so I predict a draw.

Ro: Regardless of who ends up being the mysterious third man, Shield 2.0 is winning. They need the win. You can’t build so much hype around a partner and have them lose.

Stan: Ro took the words out of my mouth. They need to find a partner who’s big, not necessarily as big as Braun Strowman. Just someone big. And that’s why Daniel Bryan is automatically off the list. Whoever Dean and Roman bring in has to help them win. And they should win, or less, they’ll have totally shat on the credibility of the third man.

BHE: Hindi na kailangang lumayo nina Dean at Roman sa paghahanap. “It’s all in the family,” ika nga. Si Samoa Joe ‘yan! Kaso, diba, may gig pa siya sa NXT kasama si Finn Balor? O ito na talaga ang NeXT?

Mananalo ang Shield 2.0 rito, pero hindi ako magugulat kung mananalo ang Wyatt Family, kung hindi talaga sila papa-awat tulad ng original Shield trio. Braun Strowman pa lang, nakakatakot na eh. Kalaking-tao ah.

» Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev (w/ Summer Rae)

MDJ: I am personally sick of this whole stiff, forced love quadrangle. We’ve heard enough of the fakeness of #ZigNa, but Summer Rae has been equally bad in her role as current paramour for RuRu (sigh). Just like the rest of the Internet, I’m looking for a “surprise” heel turn by Lana, leading to a Rusev win, and the reunion of the best love team in pro wrestling from the last few years. #MayForever

Ro: Dolph wins. Rusev turns face. We end this protracted nightmare.

Stan: Lana’s not coming back. Not this soon, at least. I just want this match to have a conclusion, unlike their match at SummerSlam, which ended in a no-contest. It’s time to give Dolph Ziggler his heat back, so he’s beating RuRu.

BHE: Hindi ko na maintindihan ang kwento ng mga batang ito. Bakit lumalabas na laging lugi at sawi sa pag-ibig si Rusev? Si Dolph Ziggler ang naiisip kong mananalo dito, pero kawawang Rusev. Team #RuNa pa rin ako.

» Kick-off Show: Neville and The Lucha Dragons vs. Stardust and The Ascension

MDJ: Cosmic Wasteland is too cool to lose, but that’s mainly because of the insane awesomeness of Stardust. Neville and the Dragons will get in their usual mad high spots, but I’m betting that this match marks the beginning of rehabilitating the struggling Ascension. Stardust and The Ascencion are my solid prediction to win this match-up.

Ro: The Cosmic Wasteland have to win here. It’s their only hope after sputtering off to a slow start as a collective. They need to look strong in order to be taken seriously. There’s just no question about it.

Stan: I don’t want the Cosmic Wasteland to be the second coming of 3MB. They need to win because they have more to lose than Neville and the Lucha Dragons have to gain.

BHE: Ganyan bumuo ng trio! Go Cosmic Wasteland!


So, to summarize:

1. Seth Rollins will retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
2. The Roundtable is split on who will walk out as the United States Champion
3. Kevin Owens will become the new Intercontinental Champion
4. The New Day will retain the WWE Tag Team Championship
5. Charlotte will win the Divas Championship
6. Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and their mystery partner will win over the Wyatt Family
7. Dolph Ziggler will end this atrocious feud with Rusev
8. The Cosmic Wasteland will welcome us to... well, the wasteland somewhere out in... the cosmos?

Do you agree with our Roundtable predictions? Sound off at the comments sections below, and list down your own picks for Night of Champions.

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