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#FinisherFriday: #SatisfactionGuaranteed!

Welcome ladies, gents, dudes and dudettes, to another feature of everyone’s favorite week-ender article of hard-hitting moves and holds, Smark Henry’s very own, #FinisherFridays! Lynch Imbat here, at your service.
After a looooooong hiatus—believe it or not, I was smashed with a Death Bell myself (which is all the rage these days)—I’m back to sharing to our beloved Smark Henrinites a showcase of finishing moves and sequences on this digital space!
After weeks of showing and dissecting tables of finishing moves and pop-culture references with my usual listicles, I now put on another hat as wrestling historian as we take a look back through the pages of time for some well-deserved squared circle highlights.

And today of all days, we look 8 years ago as one half of the seed-planters of today’s #DivasRevolution, Trish Stratus had her last match on Raw.

Of course, everyone knows that the former Diva of the Decade’s last actual match was at Unforgiven 2006 versus Lita for the WWE Women’s Championship, which she won with a Sharpshooter(!), but we ain't here for that.

What we are here for, at least from the Smark Henry boiler rooms, is a moment to look back at her once storied, well-decorated career with, of course…

… her version of the springboard bulldog finisher, the Stratusfaction!

Bo seems to enjoy this..

What, you had something else in mind? #HEEL 

Here's a highlight reel of Trish's Stratusfactions throughout her stint in the WWE:

Eight years. Eight long years.. Man, it's been a long time since we were left Stratusfied..
Okay, Bo. We've had enough..

Want more highlights of Trish Stratus? or Bo Dallas? Looking for us to feature something else? Let us know, we'd love to throw down some in the comments section below! Peace!


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