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#SGQ: Authentic WWE Blue Pants Merch, Though

Last week, we ran a report about how NXT's Blue Pants had heat on her for, among other things, being able to take home all of the profits from the Leva Bates merch she was allowed to sell during NXT events. Now, she officially has her own WWE merchandise—which means WWE can now capitalize on her unexpected popularity and take a cut from her sales.

The problem is, how many people are really going to buy this T-shirt?

Look at that thing. It's so... pedestrian.

The knee-jerk reaction a businessman should have when he or she's tasked to market a character named "Blue Pants" is to manufacture actual pantaloons of a bluish hue. I don't see why NXT couldn't have gone a different way and sold blue sweatpants with "Blue Pants" stitched on the butt or something.

If you're going to be counterintuitive and commission a shirt, you might as well make it a good-looking shirt. Putting a graphic of blue sweatpants and simple "Blue Pants" text does not a good-looking shirt make. There isn't even a witty caption, or at least a "I love Blue Pants."

Would you buy this shirt, Blue Pants fan? Let us know in the comments!

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