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#SGQ: Golden Dragons

We've actually seen the Lucha Dragons like this before, but it bears repeating that their get-up on this week's RAW is badass. They're usually pretty colorful, perhaps to make them more marketable to kids; when their colorways are mismatched, they're meh, but when they're on point, they're on point.

Again, like their outfits this week:

There's just something about black and gold that makes it look so awesome. It's regal and flashy without being gaudy. The black is technically a second color (okay, it's the absence of color, if we're really going to be technical about it) but it's versatile enough to allow elements such as the tight and mask designs to be gold-on-gold. 

Sometimes, that's just more powerful than two-tone color palettes. Especially when you need people to take you a little more seriously.

Photo from WWE

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