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Smark Survey (9/17/15): Who Has The Best Big Boot Of All Time?

The arsenal of a "big man" wrestler tends towards the cliché. Close your eyes, and you'll most likely imagine the latest big man du jour doing one of three standard moves to show off his towering stature: a powerbomb (paging Sid!), a chokeslam (hello, Big Show!), or a big boot (what's up, Kevin Nash?).

But let's get this straight. Cliché doesn't mean bad; when a wrestler stands seven feet tall, you expect him to do moves that make sense in context of his size. And that's why no matter how many times we may have seen them, we love seeing the giants of the ring dish out these moves over and over again. We literally have a "One more time!" chant for big-time power moves like these that turn so-called vanilla midgets (are they still even a thing?) into grease spots on the mat.

Cliché or not, we love these moves, with the big boot most of all. It's a simple smashmouth maneuver that you have no problem believe could take someone's head off.

And so, following up last week's superkick survey, for this week's Smark Survey, we're asking you a simple question:

Who has the best big boot?
One of the most prolific big boot users was of course "The Immortal" Hulk Hogan, who used it as a standard set-up for his famous Atomic Legdrop.

Take that... BROTHER!
The Undertaker is another famous big boot user, chaining his version of the move with a Snake Eyes into the turnbuckle.

CM Punk knows how to Rest in Feet.

Kevin Nash had one of the stiffer-looking big boots out there, possibly because his version involved trucker boots. It's been known to tear a quad or two.

No quads were torn that day.

Sheamus' Brogue Kick is probably the most high-profile version of the move today, using his awesome agility to pack some extra Celtic wallop into the move. Yes, Sheamus, we are entertained.


Some wrestlers like to put a little mustard into their versions. Sami Zayn, for example, likes to prop his opponent in the corner before taking a running start and blasting them with the big boot variant dubbed as the Helluva Kick.

MVP's version is an adaptation of his Playa's Boot into a Shining Wizard set-up, which he likes to call the Drive-By.

Despite being former WWE Tag Team Champions, Deuce & Domino don't get much love from today's fans, but their Crack 'Em In Da Mouth finisher was an interesting take on the basic big boot.

There are tons more out there, but we want to hear from you, fellow wrestling fans. In the hyper-saturated world of big boots, who was the biggest, baddest, booty daddy of them all?

As always, list your top five favorites in the comments section in no particular order, and we'll write up the results in the very near future.

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