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Smark Survey (9/5/15): Who Has The Best Superkick Of All Time?

Happy weekend, fellow smarks! It's been a long-ass time since we ran one of our fan-powered Smark Surveys. Last time we did this, John Cena was still U.S. Champion,  "Rowdy" Roddy Piper was still alive, and Nicki Minaj and Miley were still on speaking terms.

So for this week's return to action, we'll be getting your opinions on one of the most beloved moves in wrestling today, the superkick.

These days, it feels sometimes like the superkick has becoming to the 2000s what the DDT was in the 1990s—a once-feared finishing move free-falling in stature to becoming just a secondary or set-up move for every Tom, Dick, or Dolph who comes along. But once upon a time, it was a legitimate way to end a match.

So our survey question this week is one for the ages.

Who has the best superkick of all time?

"Gentleman" Chris Adams is widely acknowledged as the godfather of the modern superkick, innovating the move for North American audiences in the mid-90s. Even by today's standards, his version looks like it could seriously knock a guy out.

Shawn Michaels of course is the most famous user of the superkick, naming his version "Sweet Chin Music," and using it in such legendary moments as this counter to a Shelton Benjamin springboard attempt.

Johnny Mundo may be off our screens for now, but his Nitro Blast looked awesome back in his WWE run, especially when he pumped out HBK-style theatrics to get on HHH's nerves.

Dolph Ziggler is currently one of the moves higher-profile users in the big leagues, having used it to score such high-profile pins over major Superstars like Randy Orton in this case.

Alberto El Patron put his own unique twist to the move, going low in this version to down an already-fallen opponent.

And who could forget the late Yokozuna's take on the superkick? You wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of this 568-pound former WWE Champion's massive foot.

Goldberg on the other hand used his unique combination of size and athleticism to dish out superkicks once in a while. He wasn't always great at them though, which is why an alternate nickname for his version is the "Bretkiller," having botched it to cause a career-ending concussion to Bret "The Hitman" Hart.

And who can forget the Young Bucks and their famed superkick party? When these boys are in the ring, there's a party involved, and everyone, it seems, is invited.

These are just some of the great examples out there; we're sure you can think of a million more. Leave us your votes in the comments section, and we'll write up the results once we get enough of them!

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