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The Brock Lesnar Go To Hell Tour Is Official

In what might possibly be the coolest promo video produced by the WWE, it looks like the Conqueror, Brock Lesnar, is in for a massive October as he kicks off the Brock Lesnar Go To Hell tour.


And there you have it. Brock Lesnar versus the Undertaker at Hell In A Cell is official, and our minds are collectively blown.

Also, there needs to be a petition to have Paul Heyman narrate every WWE commercial from now on.

We do need to remind you all that this isn't the first time the two competitors have met in a Hell in a Cell match. Remember when they met back at No Mercy in 2002? We've never seen Taker busted up like this.

Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker (No Mercy 2002... by puropwgwwestuff

It was bloody! It was glorious! It was, dare we say, blorious!

How hyped are you for this match, Internet? We're ultra excited and we just can't hide it!

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