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The Grapevine (9/16/15): We Also Still Don't Know Who Third Guy Is

Good morning, everyone! Welcome to the Grapevine, where we round up the (technically unconfirmed) rumors from the wild world of pro wrestling that you may have missed over the evening.

Two new names have been proffered for the Shield vs. Wyatt Family match at Night of Champions:

  • It looks like neither Randy Orton nor Erick Rowan is in consideration for the six-man tag match at Night of Champions. Orton wasn't used on this week's RAW, so he might not be the guy. Rowan is still not ready to compete. Heavy speculation going around is that it may be Kane or Chris Jericho, with Kane ready to come back any time now and Jericho being the darkest of horses to be the guy. No word on the Baron Corbin rumor as well. (Source: PWInsider Elite)

We say: This really just sounds like your usual dirtsheet barrel-shooting. Because it seems they're dead-set on revealing the third guy on the show itself (even if it's because of Vince's legendary indecision), there's actually no reason it couldn't still be Orton. While Kane could theoretically go out there any day now, it makes little sense for him to join Reigns and Ambrose, two of the guys the Authority's been battling over the past year. Something tells us every name going around is just a red herring, and something also tells us it might be Baron Corbin. Even though that's sort of counterproductive.

  • Speaking of NXT talents, there are some who feel that Chad Gable is too small to be a top superstar. While Gable is seriously lighting up NXT TV with his work and has momentum, this is an opinion some people hold. (Source: F4WOnline)

We say: Seriously, you guys? After the era of Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins, people still think this way?

  • Tough Enough finalist Zemariah "ZZ" Loupe has apparently been signed by the WWE. He had recently reported to the Performance Center for more training. ZZ joins the other three Tough Enough finalists Josh, Sara, and Amanda. (Source: PWInsider)

We say: While some of us never really cared about the latest season of Tough Enough, this is sure to piss a lot of people off. Let's hope the guy really isn't as lazy as his reputation says.

Photo from WWE

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