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The John Cena Injury Report Card

We've been hearing rumors of John Cena potentially reinjuring his neck during a house show match against Kevin Owens this weekend.

Here's a video of when the suspected injury supposedly occurred.


We love it when Cena actually shows off his wrestling chops—that Cenadian Destroyer he was going for is one of our personal favorites here at the Smark Henry offices—but it's no fun serving as a crashpad for a man the size of KO.

According to on-site fan reports, the referee temporarily halted the match, throwing up the dreaded "X" sign for trainers to examine Cena, particularly in his neck and nose area. He apparently was well enough to wrestle six more minutes, even getting thrown through the table propped in the corner at one point, and eventually winning the match.

Fine, #LOLCenaWins, but we're not that worried about John Cena's health, to be completely honest. In over a decade that he's been a top star in the WWE, he's rarely been injured. And even when he does go down, he always seems to power through his recovery time in half the time he's expected to.

Here's a quick infographic charting every reported significant injury suffered by the leader of the CeNation throughout his WWE career.

It's impressive that he's even walking, after all of those boo-boos. John Cena truly is the iron man of the WWE.

Throughout his 13-year career, he's wrestled over a thousand matches—1,045 of them, in fact, according to our buddies at the Internet Wrestling Database—and it's genuinely awesome that he's only had had these seven officially-acknowledged injuries in all this time.

Out of these, the truly major ones were his herniated neck from a botched powerbomb by Batista, and his pec tear from a hiptoss against Mr. Kennedy (ironic, we know).

Check out the video below for that particular tear. The injury happened 1:42 into the match, yet Cena still powers through the rest of it through sheer force of will, and even takes an RKO through a table after the fact. That's a real warrior for y'all.

Cumulatively, John Cena has missed just under a year of action—we repeat, he's herniated his neck and tore a major muscle completely off the bone—but has been available to fight it out against the finest competition in the wrestling world 92% of the time. Seriously, nothing keeps the man down.

"Never Give Up" is more than just a nifty tagline. John Cena lives, breathes, and bleeds that mantra, and that's why even with a possible injury buzzing through the rumor mill, we strongly believe the power of Cena will rise once again.

[UPDATE] Looks like Cena is well enough to tweet, and this sounds like he's trying to pep-talk himself out of what is indeed an injury, but reportedly not bad enough to force him out of action.

Keep fighting, John. We're pulling for you.

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