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Seth Rollins Breaks Everything, Including Records

Earlier this month, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins broke a record, and none of us really noticed it until our very own MDJ brought it up this morning at the Smark Henry Offices.

As of September 5, 2015, Seth Rollins eclipsed the Miz as the longest reigning champion who won his title via Money in the Bank cash-in. Rollins' title reign is at 184 days, more than three weeks longer than the previous record, which the Miz held (160 days).

Edge has the shortest World Championship reign among all the reigns that started via MITB cash-in at 21 days. His very first WWE Championship run came at the expense of a weary John Cena at the end of New Year's Revolution 2006, but Cena won it back a mere three weeks later at that year's Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

Rob Van Dam's ill-fated WWE Championship run lasted just one day longer than Edge's first run. We all remember how that ended. And kids, that is why you shouldn't do drugs. Bad 'yun.

Interestingly, in the ten years that the Money in the Bank contract has been part of WWE canon, it's Edge who has held the contract the longest at 280 days. He held it from WrestleMania 21 (April 3, 2005) until New Year's Revolution 2006 (January 8, 2006). Seth Rollins held it the second-longest at 273 days.

The wrestler who held the contract for the shortest amount of time? Kane. He cashed it in against Rey Mysterio the night he won it. Edge gets another mention here for holding the contract for one day, cashing in on the Undertaker a night after defeating Mr. Kennedy for the contract. Jack Swagger also gets a mention for cashing in his contract a mere two nights after winning the Money in the Bank Ladder match. He took advantage of a vulnerable Chris Jericho, who was laid out by, you guessed it, Edge.

Here's another interesting fun fact: from 2007 until November 2010, Mr. Money in the Bank only went after the World Heavyweight Championship. It wasn't until the Miz successfully cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on then-WWE Champion Randy Orton on an episode of Monday Night RAW.

2010 was also the year of three Money in the Bank cash-ins. That year's WrestleMania was when the last Money in the Bank Ladder Match to be held at a WrestleMania took place. A few months later, the Money in the Bank pay-per-view was born, an annual show that produced two Money in the Bank contract holders per year—one that could challenge for the WWE Championship and another, for the now-defunct World Heavyweight Championship.

Here's another fun fact: Edge, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, and Daniel Bryan have all been on both sides of the Money in the Bank contract situation. All five men have won a World Championship because of MITB, but all five men have also been cashed in on.

And for one final fun fact: Mr. Money in the Bank has held the contract for an average of 100.4 days. The current Mr. Money in the Bank, Sheamus, has held the contract for 106 days. 

When do you think Sheamus cashes in his Money in the Bank contract? How much longer will Seth Rollins' title reign last? Will his record last a year? Sound off in the comments section below!

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